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Xamarin Mobile Application Development Platform – Benefits for Your Business

Xamarin development platform

When you come to bringing your mobile app idea to life, you face two different ways: native platform application development and hybrid cross-platform development. There are supporters of the both option:

  • The native development team operates with such arguments as better user experience, fast performance, and full access to the device features.
  • The cross-platform development group can provide the following arguments against: increased expenses of an app and prolonged time-to-market. Although, they too have their own drawbacks: slow performance, limited UI and UX features and limited access to native APIs.

All this make a choice of an app development platform quite a hard one. There is a way out, though. For instance, Xamarin development platform.

It provides developers with an opportunity to write native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with native UI by sharing non-interface code.

In such a way, Xamarin manages to cover all the cons of native and cross-platform ways. Let’s see.

On Xamarin, the one can get an app that feels native to all Android, iOS, and Windows since it provides outstanding UI and UX. It makes the development process more convenient with the full access to the native device features. And, perhaps, one of the most features Xamarin has is its saving time and money spent on a project. You will ask “Where is the trick?” The trick is that creating code once is faster than rewriting it three times for the different platforms. The trick is that you spend less on hiring one developer than having three ones for the three platforms. You will need only one developer as only one language is necessary to work with Xamarin – C#. As a result, up to 90% of code can be shared.

Xamarin Insights and Test Cloud make the development process more controllable. By this I mean that you can track all the crashes of an app, what users are affected by them, how they interact and much more. Test Cloud provides the full check of an app in the exact way your users behave.

To sum up, if you are looking for the opportunity to create an app faster in cheaper with the performance’s staying at the decent level, Xamarin is a great option.

You can get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development

What is Xamarin and why you should consider it as an option for your app? Benefits for Business: See on Infographic below.

xamarin app development infographicYou can get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development

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