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Why PHP Stays One of the Best Programming Languages

PHP is one of the best programming languages used worldwide. Although the language dates back to centuries, PHP developer salary continues to be competitive throughout the world. To understand the continued popularity of PHP code, let’s look at the development of PHP programming and the course it’s taken through the years.

PHP - the Best Programming Language


The Rise of PHP in the Web Development Industry

PHP was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Its original intent was to track visits to his online resume, bringing the name “Personal Home Page Tools” to fruition. Over time, Rasmus rewrote PHP tools to create an increased functionality.

The new model provided a framework for the development of simple, dynamic web applications.

PHP Tools was released to the public in 1995, and the experienced web developer was able to use the code and improve on it as they saw fit.

PHP underwent many makeovers throughout the rest of the 1990s before it became known as PHP/FI, short for forms interpreter. Although it still had the limitations expected from a single individual contribution, by 1998, approximately 1% of all domains on the internet had installed the PHP/FI software. The next redevelopment of PHP came through the collaboration of Rasmus and two developers looking to power an eCommerce application for a university project. As Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski found PHP to lack the features they needed, they decided to collaborate with Rasmus and released a new language void of limitations. PHP now referred to Hypertext Preprocessor and provided end users with a mature interface and strong extensibility features.

As Gutmans and Suraski continued to rewrite PHP to improve performance and modularity, PHP 3.0, PHP 4, and PHP 5 were developed over the years. As more and more developers joined the PHP development team, PHP transformed into a language that is now installed on 80% of the top 10 million websites worldwide. Developers who decided to learn PHP have benefitted from the many advantages of PHP code.

PHP Today

As PHP underwent many rewrites and improvements, it is no wonder it is still listed as one of the top 10 languages of 2017. While most developers have a love it or leave it relationship with PHP, the language is incredibly common today. Major PHP projects include the use of the programming language on big websites like WordPress, Facebook, and Yahoo. Estimated to be powering one-third of the web, the PHP developer is in high demand.

Even though PHP code is so common, the demand is not nearly satisfied. Some countries lack experienced PHP developers completely.

Ranked by Forbes as one of the “5 Most In-Demand Coding Languages,” it is said that knowledge of the PHP programming language will guarantee you have a job in the future.

According to one study, many countries lack the workers needed in various aspects of the IT industry. Developers with experience in coding are predicted to continue to be in demand as the years pass. The lack of experience in PHP throughout the world makes the PHP developer a highly demanded profession.

PHP Web Developer Salary Across the World

As with all web developer and software developer salary, developers with PHP skills have different salaries throughout the world. According to PayScale, PHP developer salaries in different countries can be found in the graph below:

Country Average Annual Salary
United States $61,000
UK $37,000
Switzerland $69,000
Germany $52,000
Belgium $29,000
Poland $18,000
Ukraine $24,000

While the skills needed to become a PHP developer can take as little as one year to develop, advanced level PHP developers have been learning the language for three to six years. Even though some people say PHP coding is easy to learn, continuous education is required to keep on top of the ever-changing and evolving language. And although some may try to learn the code by watching one of the many do-it-yourself PHP tutorials online, many of them are outdated. As PHP code changes, so do the skills needed to provide expert work in development.

How to Hire an Experienced Developer

Hiring a web developer of any kind is an important choice to make. Because your developer will be creating the face of your business visible to people throughout the world, you want to hire the right talent to fulfill your needs. While some people believe hiring a local developer is the best option, you put severe limitations on your project when you are only open to someone you can meet face to face.

The entrance of remote workers into the industry of information technology has been of great benefit to those looking for quality developers at affordable rates. Outstaffing your development project opens you to an entire talent pool that wouldn’t be available if you chose a local developer. While you should still consider all talent available in your research, most businesses find that the remote models offer the best work in website development.

It is important to remember that programmer salary shouldn’t be the only thing you take into consideration.

Explore all your options when it comes to available developers and looks for other qualities besides just the cost.

Outstaffing to Ukraine has been a very popular method of hiring experienced developers. Although the study dates to 2002, a Global IT IQ Report ranked Ukraine as the 4th best country with the most certified IT professionals.

Education and certification are not the only qualities Ukrainian developers have to offer. With attractive rates, you get more quality for less money.

Additionally, the high-skilled laborious mentality of European-thinking countries will ensure you have a developer who works to their full potential. Since many Ukrainian students learn English in school, communication barriers are not an issue as can be in many other outstaffing countries. With the solid reputation of PHP programming and the lack of developers around the world, you will be satisfied when you outstaff your development project to Ukraine.

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