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Which Tools Can Optimize Warehouse Efficiency?

The warehouse industry has skyrocketed, due to increased popularity of eCommerce. Big companies like Amazon are opening their warehouses all around the world, to make their shipping more efficient. By doing this, they’re also pioneering the warehouse automation. Since this process has started more than a decade ago, now even the owners of small and medium-sized warehouses can improve their workflow with high-tech systems.

Which Tools Can Optimize Warehouse Efficiency

The new technological breakthroughs can make your warehouse safer, tidier and more efficient. In addition to all this, they are extremely cost-effective, especially on the long run. Warehouse automation allows you to hire fewer laborers and save money on the employees’ payroll. In this article, we’re going to review the warehouse tech that can improve the efficiency of small and medium-sized warehouses.

Warehouse software

Most modern warehouses use specialized software to utilize their work.

Warehouse management systems help employees to track inventories, orders and due dates.

When combined with barcode scanners and other similar hardware, specialized warehouse software solutions can easily track each package and provide information about its contents and final destination. Some warehouse software suites can also work with advanced automation hardware tools like robotic palletizers, arms and stretch wrappers.

Warehouse software

Equipment tracking

Modern warehouses use lots of hardware. From regular forklift to conveyor belts, cranes and complex sorting systems.

Warehouse equipment is usually connected, and that’s why even the lightest failure on one piece of hardware can put the whole warehouse operation to a halt.

To prevent these situations, companies need to track the condition of their equipment. The best way to do that is by installing a specialized software that needs to be connected with the QR code scanner. This allows technicians to see device’s history and report new repairs instantly.

By using digital equipment tracking systems, technicians make sure that the device’s repair history won’t be lost in the paperwork shuffle. This also guarantees a longer life and safer use for all warehouse hardware.

Automation of the warehouse processes

The automation of warehouse tasks and processes is one of the most prominent trends in the last few years. The Amazon storages often serve as an example for a perfectly automated warehouse environment. These warehouses use minimal labor and have complex networks of conveyor belts, robotic forklifts, and arms that can deliver each package to its storing space. Complex automation systems can bring excellent ROI, especially because this technology is becoming better and more affordable every year.


Internet of Things is a changing the world. In the near future, this concept will run everything from self-driving cars to smart health monitoring systems. This technology can also be used to improving the efficiency of the warehouse work process.

Big storages use IoT for connecting their forklifts to the internet.

This way, they can easily track free forklifts that are scattered around a huge warehouse facility. Sensors are also sometimes attached to the barcode scanner, which guarantees that the right package is being loaded and delivered to the certain place.

Internet of Things can also run warehouses heating, lighting and ventilation system. Complex IoT systems are still quite expensive, but investing in these new technologies can accumulate huge savings and drastically improve the warehouse work process. Today, there are hundreds of equipment loan options that warehouse companies can take. Some companies, offer loans even if you don’t have a perfect credit score. They can be used to improve your warehouse tech and speed up your business development. There is handy calculator on Bad Credit Loans website where you can calculate these expenses, in order to prevent possible financial surprises.

Geo-fencing warehouse tech

Big companies also use geo-fencing technologies. This concept allows warehouse managers to set perimeters within the warehouse and report every package placement. By setting digital boundaries within the warehouse area; they keep track of their inventory and create automatic alerts, whenever the product is placed in the wrong place.

These are just some of the tech tools that can help you to make your warehouse more efficient. Of course, no matter how advanced it is, the technology is never foolproof. Implementing new high-tech systems can create a lot of glitches, so every warehouse still needs to have a team of competent and dedicated employees who will make sure that everything goes smooth.

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