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Which Is The Best BlackBerry? Z10 Or Z30

Comparison: BlackBerry Z30 vs Z10

Over the last year or so BlackBerry has made some real changes in their phones. Most of this is being driven by the release of Blackberry 10, their new operating system. This has brought them into the new era of smartphones and threatens to make them competitive in the industry for the first time in quite a long time.

They have released two very good phones in the last year. The Z 10 and Z 30 are certainly highly rated by users. The Q 10 is also a very good phone with a QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen display.

In this article we will take a look at a comparison of the Z 30 and the Z 10. By the end of this piece you should have a good idea as to which is the best BlackBerry ever.

The Designs

The BlackBerry Z 10 looks very much like an Apple iPhone in black. It has the same curves and very similar design philosophy. It was released in March 2013 and is a classic candy bar smartphone.

The BlackBerry Z 30 is more reminiscent of the HTC One or LG G2. It is perhaps a little bit more innovative in design than the Z 10, has quite a bit more to offer in regards to display and is preferred by the majority of users.

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The Displays

The Z 30 has a significantly bigger display at 5 inches compared to 4.2 inches on the Z 10. They both sport the same pixel resolution at 720×1280. This means that the Z 10 actually has a better pixel per inch density at 356 compared to 295 on the Z 30. The Z 30 however, has a Super AMOLED display as opposed to the IPS LCD technology on the Z 10. Despite the lower screen pixel density the Z 30 just looks more impressive. The display is larger and the difference in quality, if there is any, is very difficult to perceive with the naked eye.

In terms of display the extra real estate of the Z 30 makes it a different proposition.

The Dimensions

As you would expect the Z 30 is larger, measuring 140.7×72×9.4 mm, compared to 130×65.6×9 mm on the Z 10. The Z 30 is also heavier at 170 g compared to 138 g of the Z 10.

Both phones are comfortable in the hand, although those with smaller hands will probably be more comfortable with the Z 10.

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The cameras on the phones are very similar. They are both 8 megapixel, LED flash cameras. They both have back illuminated sensors, autofocus, digital image stabilisation, touch to focus and digital zoom. Both cameras are much better than BlackBerry cameras of the past, although it will be nice to see BlackBerry bring out higher specs in the future.


Whenever there are a few months between smartphone releases from the same manufacturer you will usually see an upgrade in technology. The Z 30 has a QUALCOMM snapdragon S4 MS M8960T pro system chip. The Z 10 has a QUALCOMM snapdragon S4 plus MS M8 960 system chip. The processor on the Z 30 is a dual core 1700 MHz, Krait 300 and the processor on the Z 10 is a dual core 1500 MHz, Krait. The Z 30 has just a little bit more processing juice. In terms of graphics the Z 30 also has an upgrade of the Adreno 320 graphics processor compared to the Adreno 225 processor on the Z 10. Both devices have 2 MB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. They also have microSD card slots and the ability to increase memory capacity by up to 64 GB.

It is clear that the Z 30 is a slight upgrade on the Z 10 in terms of processing power.

The Operating System

The operating system on the Z 30 is the BlackBerry 10.2. On the Z 10 it is BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry resolved many of their issues with the later iterations of the BlackBerry 10 operating system and therefore the Z 30 comes with a better system. Of course, you can upgrade the BlackBerry Z 10 operating system if you wish.

BlackBerry Z30 vs Z10: Hardware and OS Comparison (Video)

The Battery Life

The battery life of the Z 30 is better than that of the Z 10. That is despite the fact that it has a more juice consuming display. It offers 16 days of standby time compared to 13.2 days on the Z 10. It offers 18 hours of talk time compared to around 13 hours on the said 10. Its battery is 2880 mAh compared to 1800 mAh on the Z 10. It is clear that BlackBerry focused on improving battery life on the Z 30 in order to offer their users a better experience.

Conclusion and the Best BlackBerry

It is clear that the Z 30 is an upgrade on the Z 10. It is a better looking phone, has better battery life, more processing power and a better operating system. In nearly every regard it is a better phone. It is the best BlackBerry which has been built to date.

Having said all that, it is not a massive upgrade on the Z 10. In terms of performance there is a negligible difference between the two phones. Perhaps the biggest reason why it is better is because it has a 5 inch display, compared to the 4.2 inches on the Z 10. The display is stunning and provides users with a really incredible experience.

Reviews by experts give the Z 30 7.5/10 and the Z 10 7/10. Users rate the phones quite differently. This signals that the BlackBerry user has a much more positive experience than the independent  reviewer would anticipate. The Z 30 is reviewed by users as 9.6/10. User reviews of the Z 10 come in at about 9.4/10.

If you are a BlackBerry lover then you will love these phones. The BlackBerry Z 30 is the best BlackBerry yet.

BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Z30 full specifications

BlackBerry Z10 specifications

BlackBerry z10 specifications

BlackBerry Z30 specifications

BlackBerry z30 specifications

Phil Turner wanted to find the best BlackBerry phone on the market for himself so he looked up websites including uSwitch to see what reviews were offered.

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