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What Is Influencer Marketing And Why Your SEO Campaign Needs It


Influencer marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to attract your target audience. Learn why businesses need to incorporate this into their campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves promoting products and services to persons, groups, brands, or places whose expertise, popularity, or reputation could potentially affect how other people buy.

This form of marketing is unique because rather than appealing to the needs of the target customers, it appeals to the needs of the influencers.

Here are a few good reasons why businesses should boost existing SEO and content campaigns with the help of influencers.

Extend the Reach of Your Existing Content Campaign

Content marketing is at the core of every campaign, regardless of whether your focus is organic or paid search. If you want to build awareness, influencer marketing is an effective way for you to widen the reach of your existing content campaign by tapping into new audience sources through influencers who have access to your target market.

Your Target Audience Are Raving Fans of Your Influencers

Your influencers are most likely on social media, the more popular ones being Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. These social media channels allow the influencers’ fans to follow them and engage with them on almost a daily basis, which is why influencer marketing makes it hard to be ignored by your target audience.

There are software that can be used to find groups of people that match their target audience, such as women between the ages of 30 and 45 in the North America who love to go to the gym or professionals working in B2B companies. Influencers, individuals who have followers with interests that match those addressed by the brand, can then be identified and reached by the digital marketer.

Effective Content Distribution

Content distribution is vital to the success of a digital marketing campaign, yet it is one of the most missed during the execution of such campaigns. Investing in content marketing is futile if this is not paired with an effective way to get your target customers to read your content. Which is why content distribution should include influencer marketing to naturally broaden your audience. As a general rule, you should invest at least 25 percent of your budget and resources into content distribution.

Influencer Marketing is the New Word of Mouth

On word-of-mouth marketing, Jay Baer, well-known marketing and online customer service speaker, shares that 92% of consumers have confidence in recommendations coming from people whom they know directly. On the other hand, anonymous online reviewers have a 70% trust rate. WOM marketing influences 20 to 50 percent of consumers’ purchasing decisions. Influencers may be regarded as an extension of word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing at a digital level and adding influencer marketing to your existing campaign enables your brand to be trusted by more people within your target market and gain from their purchases.

Your Competitors Are Already Doing It

You don’t have to sign up for an SEO training course to see the value of influencer marketing, which is why it is no surprise that a lot of businesses are already including this in their campaigns, including your competitors. So, if you want to stay ahead of competition, it makes perfect sense to practice this type of marketing that helps to tell more people how great of a brand you are!

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