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Watermark Software V8.0 + Video to Picture Giveaway Bundle

Watermark Software Giveaway Bundle

Watermark Software Giveaway Bundle – Watermark Software V8 + Video to Picture Giveaway

In the time of November, many software vendors will make a brag of their software and giveaway their software for netizens. But who cares the purposes of the vendors, what we care is what they giveaway and are these software really benefiting us. Let us help you find the giveaway news for you.

Do you like easy-to-use photo watermark software? There are piles of tools online, right? However, how about a one-stop photo watermark with photo editing features, like adding Mosaic? Have some interests, right? Today, we will introduce you with Watermark Software Giveaway Bundle – Watermark Software V8 + Video to Picture Giveaway.

Software Bundle Landing Page: http://www.watermark-software.com/halloween/

Licenses for special you are glued in the end. Just keep reading and you will find them between the lines.

Easy Photo Editing Tool – Watermark Software V8

Watermark Software V8Watermark Software V8 is new version Watermark Software, which just released days ago. It embeds simple photo editing features. Installed it on any Windows OS personal computer, you will have most of your photo processing needs meet. Batch watermark to photos and batch renaming photos are all enabled.

You can find more vivid functions of text effects and image effects in the new version, which includes Mosaic, Color and Bokeh in Image Effect & Normal, Stroke, Fluorescence, Grain, Color, Gradient, Hollow, Chalk, 3D, Tag in Text Effect.

A mixed-color text can be applied too. So we can say it’s a superior tool to add vivid texts. Find [Text] button, hit [Text Effect] and click [Type Text], then you are allowed to write your preferable texts to photos.

Easy Photo Editing Tool - Watermark Software

[Image] is a poweful function to add image to photos. You can set the image size and place your image anywhere on your photos easily. Also making a change on the Opacity of image is also enabled.

[Effect] have Mosaic, Color and Bokeh for selections, which are all smart and easy-to-use functions. [Mosaic] are used to make parts of photo blurred. [Color] are designed to keep the colors in defined parts while B&W the rest parts. Bokeh is made to blur the whole picture but to remain some parts clear.

If you like these functions in the software, just seize this chance to make your photos beautiful in your way. All these operations can be done within minutes. Other happy features in old version are also kept in this new version, saying its support for batch applying watermarks, batch resizing photos and batch renaming images. And these feature gets improved in the operations. So we will give it a recommendation.

About Video to Picture

Video to Picture ToolVideo to Picture is for making seriate pictures, including GIF, from a video. The shining feature for this software is its fast conversion speed. Have it installed on a Windows PC, you can generate almost all pictures from any video.

Setting the size of the pictures is also allowed. Besides, you can add simple effects to output photos merely by selecting an effect. Take a study of using it, you may not regret your choice.

Video to Picture

Time for Approaching The Licenses

It’s always a wise decision to have a look at the giveaway stuffs. Most of the time, you will find them useful for you in the end. No more gossip, below is the licenses to register the software:

  • Watermark Software V8.0 License: WS-WSWB-C269E00781-9F5AFFFEFF-3FEBE4B1E1
  • Video to Picture License: WS-VTPB-C269E00781-86B4FDFFFC-6EEBF2FCE5

Software Bundle Landing Page: http://www.watermark-software.com/halloween/

Do remember to register before Nov 20th. Or you can miss the gifts. We have been told that these are no-update licenses. But on the bright side, they are free stuffs.

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