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Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

Podcasts have become more popular and are again taking the central position for information gathering. Podcasts are great for cultural sensations like serials for the Android phone and tablets users. The concern is that how do you listen to them? Google is not making podcast apps for Android-anymore!


Top 5 Podcast Apps for Android

Since the last few years, developers are filling the gap and are creating great podcast apps with great features. One of such best mobile app development company that is involved in producing mobile apps is VeztekUSA.

Through this article we are listing new podcast apps that will not match your taste but will also eliminate the hassle of subscribing, downloading, or the hassle of creating a playlist.

From a bunch of tons of apps, here are the best ones for Androids that improves audio quality and much more:

#1- Pocket Casts Player:

Pocket Casts is a powerful app with rich features, makes downloading and subscription to shows easier. You can also sync Pocket Casts player across platforms, if you want to move between an iPad and Andorid phone. The design of Pocket Casts app is very unique which stands out more than its aspect of being a vehicle for podcast. It is based on Google’s Material Design that enables great color schemes shifting colors, and fluid animations based on podcast artwork.

Podcast displays great preferences for auto-download settings and playlist filters; it arranges subscriptions in a big tiled screen, displaying it beautifully. With Podcast you have every option of tailoring the app as per your requirements. It also features an option of normalizing the volume and smart speed as well.

Pocket Casts and video podcasts work together and offer not just audio, but Chromecast support, AirPlay, and also enable trending podcasts discovery easy. The user experience, design, and overall package of Pocket Casts makes the app stands out on Android. The app has no free version and costs $3.99. It is worth the cost!

#2- Doggcatcher Podcast:

Doggcatcher Podcast app has been around for a while now and is the most favorite amongst the list of Podcasts available. Back in 2011, Doggcatcher won the Android Central’s Editor Choice; there are more options now but it still remains do a fine a job as always.

Doggcatcheing has gone through few user interface updates to be in line of competitors. Even though it still is few steps behind but it has unique capability of handling podcasts with delete and auto download features, feed and speed playback categories are also worth trying.

After few technical changes, Doggcatcher supports Android Auto, Android Wear, and Chromecast. It has dark theme, light theme, and video and audio podcasts support, and also various settings for playlists, control download preferences and more. The app does not have an in app purchase option either. The price is $2.99 and it is still an inexpensive choice.

DoggCatcher Podcast

#3- BeyondPod Podcast Manager:

BeyondPod has all the significant features you could ask for. It might have lacked the visual flare like in Pocket Casts but it still stood out where it matters the most. The app has gone through redesigning and is now a fine looking app. It’s been a favorite of many and now has features that enable access to a huge library-gives access to video and audio podcasts of big names as CNN, and ESPN.

BeyondPod has features as Chromecast support, control over download preferences, and smart playlists controls, support for Feedly, widgets, and more. With its Holo-inspired design and speed, it becomes a “must have” application. BeyondPod is available on trial versions for 7 days and after that for $6.99.

#4- Podcast Addict:

Podcast Addict comes either as free and ad-supported or as paid-for premium. It does lack on visuals to a minimal extent but has significant features that make up for the lack in visuals. It enables the users to find excellent content easily and also allows them to import the feeds from various sources. You can use Podcast addict to search through a number of options such interest, channel, and more but finds equally great results.

The basic Podcast enables you to organize YouTube channel and RSS feeds which is unique and other apps do not offer. It has feature for Chromecast support and also give a high quality sound. Podcast Addict will suit you perfectly, but instead of the free ad-supported option you should go for a more appealing version. It is available for $2.99.

#5- Stitcher for Podcast:

Stitcher for Podcast is majorly known as an internet radio service. Yet it also is a great Podcast service and enables you to add all the favorite podcasts and allows you to browse, moreover it allows you to stitch all your choices and picks to listen to it as per choice. You also have the choice here to mix up the daily and breaking news with the other weekly podcasts.

With Stitcher you have one sign-in support from Facebook and Google, this adds to the value of this app. The design of the Stitcher however is still old and does not give a modern appeal. The best part about this app is that it’s easy and functional. Of course the app is absolutely free and is providing enough features to make it worth the choice.

Stitcher Radio for Podcasts


You have numerous options on Android for podcast apps to choose from, but these apps mentioned above are worth the time and price. Give any of the above mentioned apps a try. You can always get back to us with a feedback, and in case of suggestions you are also welcome.

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