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Top 5 Best Educational Apps for Kids

Today, it is difficult to come up with a career that doesn’t require a use of PC, tablet or smartphone. That’s why teaching your kid how to use these as soon as possible seems like an obvious choice.

Luckily, there are many apps that have been designed specifically for kids. These are made to be both fun and educational, which means your kid will simply adore them.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at top 5 best educational apps you can download for your kid.

1. Peekaboo Wild


Peekaboo Wild

Peekaboo Wild has been designed specifically to introduce kids to the wildlife of the African Savannah. It’s a fun app for the kids, since they’re supposed to tap on the screen in order to find all the animals which are out there. Behind the grass your kid is supposed to tap on, there are zebras, elephants, lions, hippos, and many other interesting animals. Once kids learns more about these animals, they can start identifying these animals by the sounds they make or by their footprints. You can download this app for just $1.99.

2. Motion Math


Motion Math


This is an app that turns fractions into a real fun. Your kid is supposed to move numbers across the screen and put them in the right places. They are supposed to do this in order to help a star that has fallen from the space get back to its spot in the sky. Motion Math is designed specifically to help kids become familiar with the concept of fractions and estimate fractions in different forms. You can get the app for $0.99 which makes it a perfect bargain.

3. Toddler Flashcards


Toddler Flashcards

A large number of parents today decides to have their kids learn a foreign language from their early childhood. That’s where apps such as Toddler Flashcards come in very handy. It’s a great app that’ll help you teach your kid the words for some common things in French, Spanish and Chinese. This app is quite easy to use which means your kid can learn these languages even without your help. By using this app your kid will end up learning the words for all the numbers, colors, animal, shapes as well as many other things in one of these languages.

4. Read Me Stories


Read Me Stories

Read Me Stories is an app you can download for free. It contains a large number of sample stories you can try reading to your kid. All of the stories are carefully chosen and you’re guaranteed to find something your kid will like. Once you find the right sample story, you can buy a full version of it for quite a reasonable price. What makes this more fun than reading a standard book, is that your kid can touch the characters on the screen to expand the story.

5. Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs


Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs

Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs is a great app for all of those kids who love dinosaurs. By using many different types of puzzles and memory matching games, your kid will learn a lot about their evolution and ultimate extinction. The developers of this app say that this is one of the apps they designed specifically according to the school curriculum which means your kid is guaranteed to learn a lot. Teachers at an early learning center say they’ve been using this app with kids for a long time and that they’re fascinated by the results they’ve got.

Try downloading all of these apps and you’re guaranteed to find something your kid will absolutely adore. These 5 apps will help your kid both learn quite a lot and have fun.

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