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The era of inexpensive industrial-grade data erasure has finally come

Killdisk Industrial Software

When the scope of data erasure demands grows exponentially, and when speed and quality become absolutely essential, considering the ‘hardware’ path to cope with it just cannot be wrong.

With years hardware erasure is becoming more and more accessible, meaning that you don’t have to prepare for the worst, gigantic expenses – the price for such equipment is going through the floor.

In either event, whether you choose to move forward with the hardware way or software approach, you will have to arm yourself with a reliable erasure system.

Thus, virtually any scope of data erasure can be effectively satisfied with KillDisk for Industrial Systems. Whether you are a small business focusing on providing a variety of data services or running a data processing department of an international company, KillDisk can boost your performance efficiency in a totally affordable way. Killdisk Industrial is available as a standalone software package, as well as a part of full package with a hardware deletion device – Destroyinator e-recycler.

KillDisk could become an indispensable tool for companies involved in processing, pre-recycling and refurbishing activities. From small subcontractor companies, servicing larger businesses and providing e-recycling maintenance, to IT departments at financial institutions and banks. And the more sophisticated requirements for data erasure you have, the more you benefit from KillDisk. It supports over 20 international standards for data erasure, including the U.S. DoD, plus it allows you to automate your routine and configure auto-pilot mode in a hassle-free way.

Erase certificate
A conjunction of a hardware device and KillDisk demonstrates nice efficiency when it comes to field work. When businesses secure the contracts for data centers maintenance or relocation, the expenses on 60+ slots hardware sets loaded with KillDisk pay back swiftly, allowing to develop a supersonic erasure processing speed. A quick pay back in the long-term prospect is guaranteed even with the minimum loads – you don’t have to spend money ‘per erasure’, but have your own reliable erasure conveyor, ready to strike just when you need it. With a hot-swaps support, easy certificates issuing, hard drive health monitoring functionality and advanced errors handling, KillDisk is a comprehensive system design with the widest array of data erasure in mind. Optionally your package can be upgraded with LiveUSB (a bootable USB drive), carrying KillDisk in a totally user-friendly GUI. With this plaything you can boot up and erase data without even removing HDD or SSD drive – that’s another huge time saviour in bulk wiping out. KillDisk Industrial symbiosis looks attractive even when it comes to its ergonomics: it’s a truly compact, silent and energy-efficient device.

All the software packages available at KillDisk website come with complimentary shipping and 1 year of tech support and updates. Your choice is protected by a moneyback guarantee – you can request a refund within 30 days with no questions. Does it look like a worthy product to give a try? Yes, it does. You will be more than pleased with its stunning effectiveness.

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