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Technological Tweaks: 5 Updates Your Business Needs

Failing to invest in tech-related updates could leave you with an inefficient business. The last that you want to do is cut corners when it comes to investing in your business or your productivity and eventually your growth will come to a halt.

5 Updates Your Business Needs

Successful businesses find ways to incorporate technology into daily operations so that they can reduce operational costs without completely alienating their customers. Here are 5 updates that your business needs:

1. Wireless Video Conferencing for Meeting Solutions

Teams, no matter how big or small, need to stay connected. If you need to get together with a partner or a team member who’s away on business for strategic planning, invest in a wireless video conferencing tool. With a mobile device that has both a camera and Internet connectivity, you can load up a wireless video conferencing app and create a virtual meeting space. Some tools also allow you to record the meeting to reference later.

2. VoIP Telecommunications Systems

Telecommunications services aren’t cheap. If you want a multi-line phone service for your business with professional recordings and voicemail boxes for all of the associates, you could spend a pretty penny. One solution is to invest in VoIP services that help you keep looking professional without having to maintain a large telecommunications budget.

Not only is a VoIP service much cheaper than conventional phone services, it is much more flexible. By using your Internet connection for a digital phone system, you can use basic equipment and make your business phone system portable in the process. You can transfer your business phone to your cell phone while you’re away and even record different messages for each extension in the office. There’s never been a more multi-functional system.

3. Use Cloud Storage Systems for Easy Access

Who would have thought that cloud computing apps could transform the way that your business operates. Archaic physical filing systems require a lot of space and a lot of paper. One way to easily access your applications, forms, and other important documents is to use a cloud storage system. You don’t have to worry about losing vital business data or having to be vulnerable to downtime because you have to back-up your business system. You can also access important files from any computer anywhere in the world if you have access.

4. Build a Mobile App

Having your own company mobile app can boost your company’s revenues if it is well-tested and well-developed. You would have to think of a strategy and how your customers would make use of the app before you invest in development. If you can figure out a platform that your customers could use, then use the app are a marketing strategy.

5. Hire an IT Service to Keep Your Systems Up and Running

If your computers or servers crash or they aren’t updated properly, it could leave you in the dark for hours or days. System malfunctions can affect your profitability and your reputation with your customers. Breakdowns happen, but hiring an IT service or an exchange server consulting firm to come to your rescue whenever you have an emergency is key. They will even service the systems regularly so they don’t crash as often.

Small minor technological tweaks can make all the difference. If you’re looking for tech-related solutions that will lower your expenses and still keep your business running efficiently, consider how technology can help you. These 5 updates can make all the difference.

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