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How Minecraft Will Change The Future Of Gaming With Virtual Reality

Gaming With Virtual Reality

The amazing future of gaming was gloriously demonstrated at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles with the Hololens and Minecraft. This demonstration stole the entire show and made millions of fans eager to get their hands on this technology for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see their worlds in an immersive three dimension virtual environment? The Hololens …

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Top 20 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2015: Part 3


Part 1 >>> Part 2 >>> Part 3 >>> Part 4 The third part of our article ‘Top 20 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2015′ Last week we published the second part of our top 20 mobile games of 2015, now it was the turn of our third part of review. Have fun and do not forget to vote for …

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Top 20 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2015: Part 2

Sid Meier's Starships

Part 1 >>> Part 2 >>> Part 3 >>> Part 4 The second part of our article ‘Top 20 Most Anticipated Mobile Games of 2015’ A lot of good mobile games will come out in 2015; we have selected for you 20 of the best (in our opinion). The day before yesterday we published the first part of our top …

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Video Game Tester Profession Under The Microscope

To Become A Video Game Tester

Perhaps, all the avid gamers are considering the prospect of linking their lives with video games, while the desire to become a video game tester is something millions of kids see in their cherished dreams. However, even though it may seem an enjoyable job, certainly, not everyone will experience the buzz from occupying the position. Before taking a responsible step, …

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Social Media Community Manager in Games: Facing The Challenges

Social Media Community

Like any living organism on the planet, the community lives and develops only when it is fed the right food. Basically, there are two main types of dishes a social media community manager serves: information and entertainment. Information should be dispensed and provided on time – these are, perhaps, the most crucial aspects to keep in mind. Entertainment menu is …

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Behind The Curtains Of Testing Games

Testing Games

It’s not about actual QA and bugs detection – playtesting is more about diagnosing your game to apply the results for adjusting it for potential customers. Mentioned below is a brief interview with Martin, the team lead at a playtesting company who wished to remain anonymous. Are there any particular test projects for the PC or mobile systems? (Besides the …

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Video Game Design Document: The Manuscript (Part 2)

Video Game Development

We continue our series of articles on Video Game Development. Today we offer the second part of the article “Video Game Design Document”. Here’s the first part of the article So what’s the plan? Finding the triggers to come out with an outstanding concept is a huge topic, though a few words will certainly not hurt. One of the most …

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Video Game Design Document: The Manuscript (Part 1)

Video Game Design Document

Virtually everyone who nourishes interest in game development is aware that a huge and resource-intensive project demands creating a design document. However, an average game development novice typically has poor understanding of how a genuine game design document looks like, which in turn gives birth to myriads of myths and contradictions around its structure and content. Today we will share …

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QA tester games is not omnipotent

QA tester

As has been repeatedly pointed out, game testing is one of the key stages of game development that requires urgent attention, while the work of QA tester games influences the amount of bugs directly. But why PC games are oftentimes oozing with errors and glitches? Why the practice of implementing numerous patches to the already released games became so common …

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Game Dev Process Studied Under The Microscope

Video game development

Creating a game is a long and laborious process, consisting of a multitude of stages and requiring both technical and creative efforts: even a so-so project by today’s standards demands colossal energies. So before you start picking holes in another ‘second-rate’ FPS or RPG, let’s embark on an exciting journey into the game dev realm and study video game development …

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