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[News] Hacking Samsung Galaxy – Modem interface exposed via USB

Hacking Samsung Galaxy

Some months ago security researchers Roberto Paleari and Aristide Fattori tweeted a video showing a “lock screen bypass” on a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Do you know that modems in a number of Samsung Galaxy devices are open to receiving AT commands over the USB cable even when they are locked? The possible consequences of the attack are obvious, the …

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Samsung Z3 vs Samsung Galaxy J5: the value-for-money smartphones


Samsung released a handful of budget Android smartphones last year in India. The Samsung Galaxy J5 was one of these budget friendly smartphones with support for India’s 4G LTE bands. The brand had also invested in Tizen operating system to bring new devices to compete against entry-level Android and Windows Phone smartphones in the emerging markets. The company introduced its …

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How to Recover Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Recovering Your Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Recovering Your Data from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus As Samsung phones user, it is inevitable to encounter data loss situation out of many reasons. For example, wrong click, water damaged, virus attack and broken Samsung are likely to make your precious data lose. Even though what causes of the Samsung phones data loss inside, no worry, there is a …

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HTC ONE M9: Official photos, specifications and price

HTC One M9

HTC is preparing to announce its new flagship of 2015 already the first of March. However, some stores can not keep the confidential information. At this time, almost all details of the M9 were disclosed, including price. Externally smartphone (if information is correct) is somewhat different from past leaks and much more corresponds to what we have seen in the …

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Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge: prices now known

Samsung Galaxy S6

Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Drop Test! Samsung will soon introduce its new flagship Galaxy S6. The company sent out invitations to a separate event (which will focus on the new product) which will be held in Barcelona on March 1 before the MWC 2015. Despite the fact that more a month before the start of the …

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The Samsung Galaxy Beam – A Leader In The Mobile Phone Market

Samsung Galaxy Beam

For quite some time now, Samsung has been known for their ability to bring quality mobile phones to the market and with the addition of this phone, the legacy continues. As you may or may not know, Samsung is a Korean manufacturer with a strong grip on the mobile phone market. You will find their names on phones in most …

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4 high-tech gadgets every geek would want

high tech gadgets

If you have a geeky teenager at home who is looking forward to celebrate this year’s Christmas season, then chances are you’ll be forced to buy him a present when Boxing Day arrives. While there are many different gadgets you can buy for your child this festive season, it is often recommended that in order to help them mark their …

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Smartphone comparison: Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S3

There is a plenty of smartphones, but only a few become really popular: those we daily see in others’ hands. What makes them good? Good usability combined with affordable price, great design, prestige, personal preferences? Everyone knows iPhone, and now there is a serious rival that has challenged it: Samsung Galaxy. The newest iPhone has just been introduced, while Galaxy …

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