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Six Simple Ways to Improve Security Awareness at Your Business

Security is an increasingly important part of managing corporate computer systems. As companies grow, their dependency on centralized servers for inventory tracking, financial records, and efficient communications increases.

Unfortunately, not every employee is a security expert, and the best laid plans of a company’s security team can be undermined by inattention to or ignorance of security threats.

Here are six ways to increase awareness of such threats.

Ways to Improve Security Awareness at Your Business

1. Threat Reports

Many times, employees do not even realize what threats are out there. Providing reports of neutralized viruses, hacking attempts, and phishing attempts every month or two can help to alert them that these potential security breaches are happening all the time.

2. Efficient Communication

Corporate security teams are under pressure to identify threats hidden within seemingly benign emails or phone calls. Once a threat is identified, employees should be alerted so they know what to watch out for. On the flip side, this communication should be reserved for when it is truly needed, lest it be ignored.

3. Advanced Authentication

Using dual factor authentication services that require employees to use their cell phones to verify logins to network resources or applications can help to make them aware that remote corporate platforms are very different from their favorite social media sites.

4. Security Training

Regular security briefings every few months can help to implement new security policies and serve as a refresher course on existing policies, giving employees fewer excuses for not following them. For those who would like to use a security awareness training guide there are groups like Global Learning Systems that provide online resources for running a successful security training session.

5. Drive Encryption

Most encryption programs require users to know and enter an encryption key or password whenever they boot up their computer or attempt to access specific devices. This can serve as a constant reminder that the information and systems they are working with are different than their regular personal computers.

6. Security Audits

Even with briefings and training, it can be difficult to ensure one-hundred percent compliance with security policies. Security auditing, either through domain management systems or even manual spot checks of employee workstations, motivates employees to keep policies and rules in mind at all times.

Essentially, corporate computer security comes down to clear communication between employees and security policy makers. Employees must be constantly reminded that the policies are integral to the security and success of the business, and security teams need to provide many opportunities to reinforce that importance.

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  • http://appointmentsetting.sg/ Anna Lu

    These are great ideas! Computer security is a must for all companies because the threat from hackers and phishers is undoubtedly existing. Aside from what you’ve mentioned, I guess implementing a mobile device management program would also be beneficial. Make sure though that you have your data loss protection ready at all times along with your contingency plans in case you need your data and files for back-up.