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Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO 101 – The Beginners Guide

What is search engine optimization or SEO?

Search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is the use of different methods and strategies to effectively improve your search engine results with the different search engines.

SEO is so important to online success and is so competitive that it is tending to pass into the hands of the professional experts. But that does not mean that a novice on the Internet cannot make SEO work for them. If you do not have an online business whose fate depends on SEO, you can learn enough to create an online presence with your website.

Here are some tips to begin with:

1. Don’t believe the idea that “the more keywords the better.” At this point in time, stuffing keywords onto you site is almost sure to be counter-productive. You want to use keywords in a pointed and intelligent way. Give some real thought to the words that essentially represent the idea of your website or blog. What words would you type into the search box if you were looking for a site with content similar to your own? These are the keywords you want to use.

2. People will sell you links, and email lists, on the web. But these are usually of little value. Instead, develop links with sites that share your interest. Become a mutual admiration society. Exchange guest articles or postings. Link only with quality sites. You are known by your company. If you need an email list, develop your own. The ones you can buy are unlikely to help you

3. Once your site is running and is doing well, you may consider paying a company that specializes in SEO to help you keep up to date on it. But check the references of any company before using them. There are reasonably priced services that will update your SEO, and may save you a lot of time.

4. Choose web directories you want to be listed in. Again, quality is the criterion. Link to .edu sites if possible and appropriate to your content.

5. Even if your content is specialized, you can offer some summary content to popular informational sites. Any of your content that is picked up by other sites will create a backlink for you.

6. Since the rise of social media sites and their popularity, SEO has been skewed toward the kind of interactivity these sites offer. You will probably want to have a page on Facebook and LinkedIn. People look to these sites for authentication.

7. In your desire to establish your presence and expertise, don’t swamp forums and chat rooms with your contributions. Be selective about where you post a comment, and do so on the highest quality sites.

8. Be sure to include some images on your site to catch the eye of visitors and give relief from plain text. Again, select high quality images, not clip art.

9. Don’t overload your pages with text. No more than 500 words to a page is the general recommendation.

10. In studying SEO, begin with the top expert. Google has a guide to techniques you can use to raise your website’s page ranking.

There is more information about SEO on the Internet than you can possibly absorb. SEO marketing experts advice you should start with the basics and apply them to your site. See the results and then work to gradually improve your SEO and your page ranking. Even a novice can do it.

Romeo DemesAuthor Bio:

Romeo Demes is a freelance graphic designer, passionate writer and SEO expert. He loves to spend his free time outside playing basketball and football with friends.

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