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Popular Flash Games 2016: 15 Top-Selling Casino & Card Flash Games of January

15 Popular Flash Games 2016

If you’re running a website and need flash games to fill it to keep your visitors entertained, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post we are publishing for you 15 Top-Selling Casino & Card Flash Games of January 2016.

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1. Rabbit Beer Poker

Rabbit Beer Poker

This is a poker game with new rules , similar to Omaha , but a game held with five rounds and players winning the game by winning most rounds. Luck and Tactic , you need both to master this game.

Published Size: 122kb, Resolution: 720×540

Rabbit Beer Poker Game: Free Play Online | More Details

2. Flash Slot Machine

Slot Machine Game

An all-vector, scaleable, slot machine game reminiscent of the old-style 1-payline, 3-reel, 6-icon machines. The file uses a Flash-based Shared Object ‘cookie’ to store the user’s score.

Published Size: 72kb, Resolution: Resizable

Slot Machine Game: Full Screen Preview | More Details

3. Random Roulette Table Wheel

Random Roulette Table Wheel Game

This Game would be great for an online casino, gaming site, Las Vegas or any gambling city’s tourism site.

Published Size: 15kb, Resolution: Resizable

Roulette Table Wheel Game – More Details

4. Game-Ready Dice

Game-Ready Dice

Increase your game’s visual appeal with some animated dice! Each die is contained in its own MovieClip and can be dragged and dropped right into your game project. You can add multiple dice if desired.

Dice animation looks best at framerates of 24 to 30 FPS, Published Size: 229kb

Game-Ready Dice – More Details

5. Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Action Script 3 Slot machine game. You can edit everything here. You can use any slot image, make any count of win combinations, etc… This game makes your site’s visitors happy

Published Size: 129kb, Resolution: 600×400

Slot Machine Game: Free Play Online | More Details

6. Memory Game

Memory Game

You can easily customize the game by adding your own images. All kinds of properties are available to give you the most flexibility.

Published Size: 31.1kb, Resolution: Resizable

Memory Game – More Details

7. 5 Reel Casino Slot

5 Reel Casino Slot

Using Adobe Flash Professional, you can easily set all aspects of the game. Flash Developers will be able to easily create their own bonus games.

Published Size: 188kb, Resolution: Resizable

Reel Casino Slot Game: Free Play Online | More Details

8. Slot Machine – Vintage – XML

Slot Machine - Vintage - XML

Simple, three reel slot machine with vintage theme. Graphics are maded with Bitmaps.

Published Size: 134kb, Resolution: 550×600

Slot Machine Game: Play Online | More Details

9. Blackjack

Blackjack Cards Game

Everyone knows the rules to this game a little, if not fully. It’s really easy to understand – you’ll see. Just play a few rounds on the house 😉

Resolution: Resizable, Published Size: 23kb

Blackjack Cards Game – More Details

10. Roulette table elements for casino game

Roulette table elements for casino game

This is a static animation of Roulette Table, includes all elements for full casino roulette game.

Resolution: Resizable, Published Size: 19kb

Roulette table elements for casino game – More Details

11. Joker Poker Game

Joker Poker Game

Poker game with the joker card. User plays VS computer. Joker card (if luckily drawed) replace other card to make the hand strong.

Published Size: 350kb, Resolution: 640×480

Joker Poker Game: Play Online for Free | More Details

12. Card game: 31!

Card game: 31!

The game is easily customizable, especially graphically. You can change the looks of any element without breaking any of the coding, and it’s all really easily accesable via the stage or library!

Resolution: Resizable, Published Size: 279kb

Card game: Play Online for Free | More Details

13. Flash Slot Machine “Fruit Casino”

Flash Slot Machine

Build your own game toolkit! This is complete Flash game project for Adobe Flash CS5 and later, based on Action Script 3 language.

Resolution: 607×582, Published Size: 729kb

Slot Machine “Fruit Casino” Game – More Details

14. Sweet Casino – Roulette

Sweet Casino - Roulette

Note: this Game is for fun only – not for real play.

Published Size: 210kb, Resolution: 640×480

Sweet Casino – Roulette Game: Play Online for Free | More Details

15. Mechanical Slots Machine

Mechanical Slots Machine

This game is as realistic as it gets! The sounds are entirely replaceble. All you have to do is add another .mp3 file for each sound, as long as it has the same name.

Resolution: 524×638, Published Size: 118kb

Mechanical Slots Machine Game: Play Online for Free | More Details

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