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Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet – It Really Works

If you are looking for a versatile tablet PC which is durable and fast, your search probably ends at Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet. It strikes a perfect balance between Windows based laptop and a business laptop.

User Interface

ThinkPad X230 Laptop PC Front ViewProbably the highlight of this tablet PC – this is so user friendly mainly because of the proprietary UI program of the same – known as SimpleTap. Windows 7 Operating System comes with this program – supporting a tile based interface with one touch controls. Each of these tiles represent one specific function – for example, one controls screen brightness, whereas, the other adjusts audio volume. It is also possible to add customized tiles of your own for opening bookmarked webpages or launching applications.

SimpleTap provides users flexibility and makes it work like a conventional slate tablet. It’s very easy to navigate through the tab as well. There are other devices where UI program has been integrated with tablet, but none of them has been able to match up to the level of Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet.


ThinkPad X230 Laptop PC FrontThe device is sleek and all-black. In that sense, it is similar to other members of the ThinkPad family. However, you can easily twist the display screen by 180 degrees and fold the same down over the keyboard to make it work like a tablet.

Right below the hinge of the tablet PC, you will find a protruding battery pack, when the same is in clamshell mode. It may look like a design error to some, however, if you are using it in tablet mode, the battery pack will let you grip the device securely.


The screen is pretty big at 12.5-inch and it can accommodate up to 5 fingers at the same time. You will find the screen to be sensitive enough to detect taps and slight swipes. There is a digital stylus as well, helping you with handwriting recognition.


It’s a disappointment! You will certainly not be interested in carrying a tablet that weights as much as 4 Pounds! The device isn’t that big in size and hence such weight comes as a surprise.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230

Technical Specifications

The processor is a 2nd generation 3.30 GHz Intel Core i5, managing speedy computation and heavy multitasking for the tablet. The hard drive is of 320GB, this is the biggest space for any other device in the same class. Therefore you will have extra space to store music, digital books, documents or anything else you may want to. Battery support is provided for at least 9 hours. You can save battery using the Battery Stretch option as well. This enables you to configure refresh rate and disable certain features like Bluetooth – thereby minimizing power usage.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet has all the standard connectors and ports – but that’s not all. There are 3 extra USB ports, VGA video output, PC ExpressCard Slot and an audio jack for speakers or headphones. The device comes with Skype pre-installed and there is an HD webcam for video chatting. This provides many connectivity options such as wireless, Ethernet and an integrated mobile broadband.

Each and every system component such as processor, total memory, hard drive capacity, system graphics etc. can be upgraded for an extra price. However, the device would have found more appreciation if there was an HDMI slot.

If you have used any of Tablet PC, we would appreciate your replies and feedbacks in comments!

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