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Landing Pages – Do Or Die In 30 Seconds

website conversion optimizationThere are some people out there that will tell you that each and every page of a website is just as important as the next and the last. They bang on about the ‘chain’ formed by each page and how one weak link can send the whole thing crashing to the ground, with each page playing an equally important role.

Well, it’s time to set the record straight…this is pure garbage. Sure, all pages are important, but are they equally important? No…not for a second. Why? Simple really – there’s no more important page on any website than the landing page newcomers access the site by for the first time.

If you think about it for just a second, it makes perfect sense. They always say that the first impression is the most important and the one that lasts – landing pages are the first-impression pages of any and every website populating the web today. As such, it’s really not a surprise that any elite SEO outsourcing company the world over spends more time trying to communicate the importance of landing pages than any other pages across the site.

Kane - Responsive App Landing Page
Kane – Responsive App Landing Page + Builder (Best seller Template)

Think of it this way – once you’ve got your readers hooked and interested in what you’ve got to say, you might get away with a spelling mistake or an inaccuracy in your later pages. By contrast, make a mess of your landing page and by the time they’ve got to the first typo, you’ve lost them…for good…so long!

You Have 30 Seconds

Now, this wouldn’t be the hardest job the world if it wasn’t for the fact that research has proved time and time again that you have literally around 30 seconds to make it or break it… in terms of hooking your readers and engaging their interest. If you’re unable to grab their attention and get them on your side in 30 seconds or less, they will head elsewhere and never even think of heading back again. It could be as simple as that really and isn’t that quite scary?

So, what this means to you and your business is the task of getting across pretty much everything of key importance you need to say while at the same time impressing them with your professionalism and not looking too desperate to make a sale. A tough balancing act if ever there was one, but one that’s very much possible with the right approach as we are assured by the search engine optimization professionals the world over.

Ask any SEO outsourcing authority what the key is to the very best landing pages and they will tell that it is…quite surprisingly…simplicity. Sure, you have reams of sales spiel to communicate, but the first page is all about piquing interest and getting them to read on. You know they have come to your site looking for something  (a product or a service) or with a problem they need solving, so your landing page must be dedicated to communicating how you can help in the most concise manner possible. Keeping it simple and organized is maybe the decisive key to being successful when it comes to attracting and keeping attention.

Landing Page Templates – trending items

Nemo - Landing Page Pack with Builder
Cobian flat bootstrap landing page
R.Gen - Landing Pages

Hooking Your Readers

It takes nothing more than a catchy title, a subtle slogan and a couple of sentences directly on-point with the subject matter to hook the attention of your visitors. A non-obtrusive picture or two can also work and so too can a non-OTT call to action. Not so complicated, isn’t it?

Try seeing your landing pages more as extended title/introduction pages and you’re on the right lines – the sales spiel you can save for later. Details can be given on your other pages which will keep things organized and simple – all for the benefit of your website’s success and popularity.

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