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Killdisk Desktop hardware solution – an easy way out to delete your files

Killdisk Desktop hardware solution

Data Security Product from LSoft Technologies Inc.

If you were looking for an easy way out to delete your files, without having to bother about anybody accessing them later on, KillDisk Desktop is the way to go. It’s perfect for organizations who are worried about keeping their data safe, and works in a simple but practical way.

Killdisk Desktop is a must have hardware solution for those organizations that have large station with multiple disks and strong disks erasure requirements. It desktop system is customizable for any context. Killdisk Desktop brings final and flexible industrial grade disk sanitation hardware to the digital market. The system supports U.S. DoD erasure and is wholly automated.

It supports erasing of USB flash drive, External hard disk drives and solid state drives via eSATA and USB3, hard disk and solid state drives and SATA/SATA, II/SATA, III/SATA ( 3.5″ and 2.5).

Killdisk Desktop 5 disc slots

Features. Destruction of data permanently. Killdisk desktop system is HIPAA compatible and supports U.S DoD and other more erasure. With this feature once a file or data is deleted it can never be recovered again.

Reports and certificate issue. The system comes with built in label printing working tools and certificate for records and accountability.

Killdisk robot easy for usage. The system when shipped it is always ready to erase any files from any workstation. The system is controlled by LED lights and buttons on the control panel. With killdisk system you can also connect it to a PC monitor and enjoy other features it has.

Analysis disk tools. Killdisk desktop system gives you the power to control your hard drives with its disk examining tools, such as SMART monitor, hex viewer and file browser.

Automatic eraser. When automatic mode is activated the system will start working on a disk the second it connected. Killdisk system will erase up to 5 disk. This is one of the features that make it more “a must have” system for an organization with large workstations.

Examines a disk. The desktop system can examine a disk for bad sector.

This features of killdisk desktop system are built-in and have a goal of ensuring disk erasure for large workstations with many or multiple disks. The features outlined above are the key features that make killdisk unique. With kill disk you can erase as many hard disk drives and solid state diver with no extra charges as it free to perform any erasure once you purchase it.

Killdisk Desktop front panel
Its powerful and key features are outlined as follows:

• Provides analysis if the disk.

• Can browse system and inspect particular sector Hex viewer on a low level. Issuing of well detailed reports and customized certificate. Automatic erase mode perform erasure even without any interference. Erases the entire disk drive and erase up to 5 disks in parallel. Destroys data permanently with a choice of dozen of international disk sanitizing standards. Sanitizes external disk like hard disk drives and solid state drives connected to USB and USB3 ports.

• Detects and examine bad sector in the disk and also can verify a disk.

• Indication of ongoing activities are shown, buttons and control panel.

• Hot swap are operations are also supported.

• Complete system operation from LCM panel.

• Easy to use and compatible for any work involving erasure.

• Additional preferred and acceptable devices and monitor can be connected to help you use all other features of the killdisk desktop system.

• You can access the network. Among other killdisk system features.

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