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HP EliteBook 2760p – Gold award Winner 2013

It has often been felt that convertible tablets that are Window based have been rather poor. However, the HP EliteBook 2760p seems to not be like this. The tablet PC is easy to use and very powerful as well. The convertible laptop can function both as a notebook and a tablet. It is very portable, has great ergonomics and performs well as well meaning that it has been given a gold award in the Top Ten Reviews for tablet PCs.

HP EliteBook 2760 boxA tablet PC really needs to perform well as both functions are important. It means that the software and hardware need to work and it is surprising how well this one does considering Windows 7, the operating system that it uses, was not designed for tablets. It responds well when touched meaning that navigating is easy. It also has buttons for power, web and wi-fi that are clearly labelled so things can be done very efficiently.

The machine was designed for business use and therefore has applications that would typically be needed by a business customer, so they do not have to waste time installing the things that they need.


HP EliteBook 2760The silver and black body of the EliteBook 2760p makes it looks stylish but the brushed aluminium and magnesium is also durable and rugged as well. HP claims that it is so well made that it can withstand being dropped a few times from 30 inches, but it is not something that many people try to test! The design also includes some rubber areas, on the bottom of the keyboard and on the back panel to make it easier to grip on to.

The EliteBook2760p is one of the larger tablet PCs and is solidly built because of this. It is around 4 pounds and 8.5 inches deep and 1 foot in width meaning that it is rather big and heavy for use with just one hand.

The screen is a 12.1 inch LED display and it pivots on a hinge by 180 degrees and folds over the keyboard to turn it in to a tablet. The screen fits well in place so there is no way it can move while in tablet mode.

There is a design flaw that some users have complained about though. When the device is in tablet mode, the screen is not flush with the keyboard and so it can bounce a bit when it is being used. Some users do not notice this at all though and so it could just be more a problem with the fact that it does not look that neat.

Technical Specifications

The HP EliteBook 2760p is a very attractive devuice because of the technical specifications. It has an Intel Core i5 processor which is dual core and very powerful meaning it makes the tablet suitable for multi tasking. The hard drive is 320GB which means that there is plenty of space for saving data.

The tablet also has great speed due to the 4GB of SDRAM. This is the short term memory used to write and read data and will affect the processing speed of the machine. There are great graphics capabilities as well due to the Intel HD Graphics 3000 included however, it is not really suitable for gaming and other things that are very graphics heavy.

It has a selection of useful ports as well. There is a memory card reader, USB 2.0 and a secondary battery connector allowing the battery life to be extended from its basic five hour capability.
It has wireless capabilities as well as the option of 3G access. This means that if you are not connected to a wireless network you can still use the device online. It also has the option of an optical drive and modem.

The device also has a built in webcam, audio input for headphones or speakers and a microphone. These are something that most notebooks have but not all tablets have them and this means that it can be used for listening to music and video conferencing.

There are a few drawbacks though. There is no USB 3.0 technology which seems rather odd as it is something that most users would expect from a device like this. There is also not an HDMI port which some users may miss. But as it is aimed more at a business market then these will not be missed by this sort of customer.

Help and Support

There is a three year warranty on the hardware with one year on the battery from the day it was purchased. This is rather generous as a one year warranty tends to be the standard amount. There is also there years of software support if the device is registered.

It is possible to get support by phone, email or chat. There is the possibility of one to one assistance for business users who have a valid warranty.

There are online resources for troubleshooting problems as well as answers to pre sales questions which could be worth looking at first. These are helpful and informative and could therefore save time. It is possible to find downloads for drivers, self-help, troubleshooting guides, forums for business and individual users and product registration information across these pages. You can find out things like how to perform regular maintenance on the device and how to configure it. There is also a user manual, product videos and a FAQs section. All this information means that you will be likely to find out the answers to questions you have without contacting support.


The tablet PC market has seen a great addition with the HP EliteBook 2760p. Although the lack of USB 3.0 and the fact that the screen and keyboard do not fit flushly together when it is closed, it still has many advantages over other models. The device is powerful, performs well and is well-built as well as durable and portable and so will fulfil the requirements of many users, especially business ones. EliteBook 2760p from HP earned TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award among tablet PCs 2013.

If you have used any of Tablet PC, we would appreciate your replies and feedbacks in comments!

HP EliteBook 2760p Overview
HP EliteBook 2760p Overview

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