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How To Write For Us – Get Your Article Publishing Guarantee

Write for Us – Guidelines

Article WriterDear post writers! Since we receive dozens of emails with article publishing requests on a daily basis, we have decided to share a bunch of tips and recommendations on how to write a post that meets our requirements fully. Indubitably, writing an article in strict accordance with the guidelines is not obligatory, however, if you feel that your stuff lacks something, not sure whether the post is good enough or you just want to be confident in the fact that the material will go online, feel free to stick to the guidance provided.

Be unique and you will succeed

The first and the foremost – the articles you send must be 100% unique (no exceptions are made). Actually, we don’t mind if the article is rewritten, but again – 100% uniqueness is a must. Even if you are a seasoned copywriter and resort to rewriting jobs when it comes to the pinch only, please, check the uniqueness via ad hoc instruments to be sure you are on the safe side (actually, the web is teeming with even free services, while the whole procedure typically takes as little as a couple of minutes). Just to let you know, we have recently added a Copyscape subscription to our web tools armory, so no plagiarism will pass.

IMPORTANT: Please, note that we do reserve the right not to answer to the inquiries that contain non-unique texts, plus it is highly likely that an email would be blacklisted in case non-unique stuff is sent on a regular basis.

Freshness and originality as the main priorities

Definitely, if at least one of the components mentioned forms a strong suit of your article – the odds that we will release it are very good. From our point of reference freshness consists in focusing at any activities/products/events and etc. in trend. Of course, the notion of ‘trend’ itself is quite abstract, so let’s indicate our vision of the phenomenon. We will hardly publish the article that depicts some outdated entity: thus, another review of iPhone 5s, XBOX 360 or some show that was held a month ago would be declined with high probability (until the article is absolutely special). Hope you’ve got the idea.

Our copywriters will gladly accept the works that cover striking events, a recently announced product or service, a comprehensive industry forecast, analytical or statistical review and so on. However, please, remember to buttress up words by facts (‘the best device according to experts’ or ‘an overwhelming majority of people’ is not likely to work – be as precise and concrete as possible; the more informative your article is the better for you).

Originality is always carrying a value

Doubtlessly, originality in the article is something that our copywriting gurus will always pay special attention to. Another ordinary review oozing with clichés, hackneyed phrases and banal comparisons will negatively affect the rating of an article, lowering its chances for being publishing. Try using vivid language and encrust your texts with brilliant and catchy phrases; rich vocabulary is a huge advantage. The way you feed the info to the audience is another large field for the experiments. Think outside the box and wrap the message you would like to deliver in a nonstandard package, but remember that the structure should not suffer from trial-trips.

The importance of structure

Sticking to the optimal logical and structural figuration is absolutely essential if only you didn’t make your mind to go off the beaten track. An adherent of classic rules should remember that the text must represent an organic whole, which is hardly possible without following a couple of basic rules. Let’s have a brief look at a, perhaps, one of the most simple and widely spread structure models:

Title -> Introduction -> Main Part -> Conclusion

The time-tested formula has proven itself in millions of brilliant articles, so this is how it looks from the inside. Hooking the reader with a catchy and engaging title is the mission number one. Moderate provocations, incredible statistics, nutty facts and thought evoking questions are the effective weapons to add to your armory. Take your time and keep on playing with the words – the ideas tend to come bit by bit.

A perfect introduction informs the reader of the significance of the information presented in the article – the stronger the felling of unprecedented importance you give the better it would be from the point of message delivery view. Pick up the method that suits you from a thousand and one available – from covert call to action to emotional impact.

The main part could be comprised of several sections depending on the volume of the article. The logical sequence must not be broken, regardless of the information presentation way you choose. Divide the text into paragraphs and create subtitles – do your best to find that golden medium when the text looks as readable as possible. Avoid overloading the article with cumbersome sentences – keep in mind that ideally one sentence should contain one thought.

A decent conclusion represents a summary of all the facts presented, leaves food for thought, calls for action – at a best scenario the reader completes some action inspired by the content (by the way, encouraging the readers to leave their comments is not a sin).

The requirements in a nutshell

Mentioned below is the list of the requirements you should follow in either event when submitting an article for publishing on our website – feel free to use the material as a checklist.

1. 100% uniqueness
2. Freshness – actual information, trendy events and products, highly informational content
3. Originality – non-standard information, nutty facts
4. Well thought-out structure – catchy titles, logical and structural compliance
5. Volume – 500+ words is a must

That’s it – hopefully the information was useful for you. Looking forward to getting your nutty articles and attractive texts!

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