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How Minecraft Will Change The Future Of Gaming With Virtual Reality

Gaming With Virtual Reality

The amazing future of gaming was gloriously demonstrated at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles with the Hololens and Minecraft. This demonstration stole the entire show and made millions of fans eager to get their hands on this technology for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to be able to see their worlds in an immersive three dimension virtual environment?

The Hololens is made by Microsoft and expected to be one of the first consumer ready virtual reality products. It is a standalone headset that transforms your vision into a virtual reality environment. There are others such as Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, but Microsoft armed with Minecraft is ready to take the gaming world by storm through integrating it with Minecraft.

Microsoft HoloLens

After making a few selections on a menu within this virtual reality demonstration of Minecraft, a user is able to generate a world in three dimensions. By looking at an empty table, the technology can use this as a platform to build around while erasing the table from the field of view and replacing it with millions of blocks.

Right here in front of your very eyes an incredible landscape will be build and you will be able to watch everything going on in the world in real time such as other players within the game. If you want to zoom in you can even assume the normal view of a Minecraft character and play the game this way while completely controlling the camera and character with motions and voice commands. You can also build and create things utilizing depth and other sensations that are not available with a plain monitor.

Hololens will feature a set of intuitive controls just like those you learned for using your cell phone and other handheld devices. Text to Speech will also be incorporated reducing the need for a keyboard or other input devices. The great thing about Minecraft for a starting point is that only basic controls are required and the graphics are simple to handle for the processing unit as the game is quite blocky by nature.

This isn’t an exact definition of Virtual Reality though, as players will be able to interact with the environment around them and enhance it with a game. This is more commonly known as mixed reality and allows for the integration of virtual reality and physical objects around you making for a more immersed experience.

It is absolutely amazing because not only does it display virtual environments and games around you, but it also has sensors to detect motion and more. It can understand what is around you and how you are moving your legs and arms. When all of this data is combined into a game, you will be able to play completely immersed with only wearing a headset. No external controllers or more will be required which will be quite impressive. You can then save your world and play on it at any time, from anywhere, by using a Minecraft hosting service like Apex Minecraft Hosting.

We are extremely excited for Microsoft to release the Hololens for Minecraft and believe it will forever change the face of gaming. Not only will it enhance the users experience, but it will allow for an entire new genre of games to be created that fully take advantage of mixed reality technology.

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    The thing sounds promising but will it actually be worth it? I hope it has rpg support xD like play FF1 with A hologram touch screen