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Google Toolbar PageRank Updated

Google Toolbar PageRank Updated 6th December 2013

The update of the largest searching engine of the planet has aroused the internet community, leaving mixed feelings and uncertain impression, as the results are pretty weird. It is rumored that the date of the update could have been chosen intentionally, and the recent update may lay the foundation of a series of PR table updates.

PageRank toolbar update: the date

The date of the PageRank update fell on 06.12.2013 just exactly ten months since the previous update in February, held on 02.06.2013. Frankly speaking, the latter update has hit the internet community quite unexpectedly. Actually, Matt Cutts, who heads Google’s anti-spam group, has previously announced on his Twitter that the Page Rank update is hardly likely happens. However, it turns out that a respectable persona was wrong in his expectations.

Matt Cutts pagerank update

The results of the update

As mentioned, the recent update sowed uncertainty among, since its effect defies logic in a multitude of aspects from the perspective of a legion of SEO webmasters.

Therefore, those websites with a PR rating greater than 1 have lost one or more points in a better part of cases. Although the statistics is based on the study of a bunch of authoritative webmasters forums, it seems that a massive decrease in rating is an obvious trend. Particularly, dozens of eCommerce websites owners report of PR3 to PR1 downgrade, indicating the loss of two points (typically the people fail to assort a reasonable explanation).

The other side of the medal

Curiously enough, the websites with zero rank have experienced mostly positive changes, varying from one to four points increase. Thus, thousands of spick and spun websites and non-optimized resources, have managed to improve their PR rating positions, and it seems that the unfair redistribution of the desired points catalyzed heated debates around the unfair complex of measures.

However, there is a reasonable assumption in the air that an internet giant (possibly in a month or two) will launch a correction update to adjust the changes made to put everything in its place, thus apologizing for an unexpected raid, resulted in stolen PageRank points.

PageRank algorithms have been firstly updated in the year of on February, 24 in 2011; since then the corporation has introduced 25 updates. Acting after its kind, Google shares no information on the future updates, so you should better stay sharp and double check your websites’ positions.

PageRank algorithm
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