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Giveaway: Free Get Focusky Presentation Maker Pro for 3 Months

Have trouble creating a killer HTML5 presentation or animated video? Well, now you have come to the right place. Focusky Pro is being given away for visitors of greatsoftline.com, you can get it here before May 31, 2017.

Free Get Focusky Presentation Maker Pro for 3 Months

How to Free Get Focusky Pro for 3 Months?

Step 1: Visit this Focusky Pro giveaway page: http://focusky.com/special-offer/3-months-pro-plan-giveaway-t-5.php
Step 2: Enter your email address to get the code
Step 3: Create an account on http://focusky.com/ (or log in with an existing free account)
Step 4: Visit the exchange page http://focusky.com/gift-card-exchange.php to activate Focusky account with exchange code

Download Link:

Windows: http://focusky.com/download/index.php?platform=win
Mac: http://focusky.com/download/index.php?platform=mac

Note: The program provides a 3-month license. You won’t be able to use your old paid account if you have one. The code will work only with the free account!

Focusky Pro Key Features:

Focusky Pro is available as a presentation maker for Windows and Mac that makes creating a killer HTML5 presentation or animated video a piece of cake. Focusky Pro consists of different features that can make your presentations or animated videos stand out from the crowd.

1.Get Started Fast With the Well-Designed Templates

Focusky Pro offers a range of professional and engaging templates that can be tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are new to Focusky Pro or not, you will surely benefit from the templates that will make the process of presentation and animated video making faster and more effective.

Focusky Presentation Maker Pro

2.Enrich the Content With the Multimedia

With the integration of digital multimedia, Focusky Pro enables you to embed a video into the content to explain the things clearly. By adding some animation effects while inserting the text, you can grab the attention of your audience. To present more information in less space, you are able to use slideshow to display images.

3. Publish the Presentation With Flexible Formats

With Focusky Pro, you can publish your presentation in HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, MP4 or PDF format depending on your individual requirements. For email marketing, you are highly recommended to publish your presentation in ZIP format, which is of great convenience to send out to your subscribers or clients via Email. Also, you can publish your presentation to the cloud enabling it can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

4. View Your Presentation With Any Mobile Device

To deliver a better user experience, the presentation created by Focusky Pro are optimized for great compatibility with Android and iOS allowing you to view it with Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. So, you can view the presentation with your mobile device in the places you feel most comfortable instead of sitting in the front of the computer.


Focusky Pro is a visually intuitive and functionally powerful presentation maker for both home and business use. With Focusky Pro, you can create a professional and appealing HTML5 presentation or animated video without any trouble.

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