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Five Useful Tips For Designing SEO Friendly Websites

A well-designed website not only attracts traffic but also improves visibility in search engines. Here are some tips.

Almost every business from small scale enterprise to large blue-chip organizations have their own websites, and they use these websites as a platform of informing their customers about their profiles, services as well as giving them a brief description of the products that they sell. For the success of online marketing, ones website should be well designed in such a way that it is SEO friendly to its users. In addition to that, SEO improves the visibility of ones website in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and lots more thus becoming a viable tool for the success of any business. Here are five useful tips for designing SEO friendly website.

1. Keyword placement

Indeed keywords play an important role in SEO campaigns because they guides search engine users to your website. To this effect, if you will use wrong keywords then they will not meet your market target because search engines will not be able to retrieve your information. Therefore, when building your website create specific keywords which describe your web page clearly and in addition to that, position your keywords in the right web page.

2. Search engine friendly navigation

Basically, this means creating a structure in your website that links it to the various search engines. The address of your website should be text-based because linking it with images will make it difficult for the search engines to find it. Furthermore, you need to avoid using JavaScript in your website because it makes it difficult for the search engines to understand what JavaScript is thus making it hard for the search engines to get linked to your website.

3. URL’s and file names.

One major thing that makes your website to be SEO friendly is a URL that is visible in the search engines. A well designed URL will have the main keywords in it, thus making it easy for the search engine to find it. A good example of a URL which is SEO friendly will look this one here http://www.turningpointws.com/our-seo-process/. Additionally, you need to name your images well by using descriptive words which are very catchy.

4. Web images

Although images play an important role in our websites, a good number of web builders do overlook this aspect. You need to build a website that has images because they give illustrations to its content. To achieve this, you need to optimize the sizes of your images into smaller sizes possible of 72dpi resolution so that, they can achieve search engines visibility and get a faster loading time. Moreover, ensure that your images are placed to the relevant content in the web page and this will increase your websites search engines optimization rankings.

5. Add social elements to your website

Over the past few years, social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and lots more were introduced and it has becoming an important factor in building SEO friendly websites. You need to link your website to these social network sites to make it exposed to millions of users of these social media sites thus increasing SEO rankings of your website.

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