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Export Contact List In Yahoo With Ease !!

Exporting contacts from one email program to other email program is a simple process but most people don’t have knowledge about this. Yahoo provides many amazing features to its users. If you are not good in computers then we will suggest you contact IT techies or Yahoo Help Phone Number for assistance.

Yahoo Contact List

Here we are providing you with the simple steps, which will help you to transfer your contacts list from one mail system to other. You just need to follow the steps carefully.

  1. You need to go to Yahoo Mail. Open any web browser and go to the Yahoo Mail website.
  2. Log into Yahoo. You need to type your Yahoo username and password, and then need to press the Sign in button. After clicking, you will be directed to your Inbox.
  3. Open Contacts. There is a tab in the header Menu on the left panel. You need to press the icon of the address book. This will show your address book, which contains all your contacts of Yahoo.
  4. See all contacts. Your contacts list on Yahoo will be shown on the second panel from the left. Use the scroll bar to go through the list.
  5. Choose contacts. There is a checkbox located beside the contacts. Mark the contact which you want to exported.
    > You need to click the Select all option of the checkbox on the header of the second panel to choose all the contacts to export.
  6. You can also sort your contacts. Before exporting, you can also sort the order of the contact. You need to press the Actions button on the second panel header to bring down a drop-down menu. You can sort your contact list by First Name, by the Last Name, by Email, or Reverse Sort Order. The contacts will be sorted properly.
  7. To export the contacts. You need to press the Actions button again to bring down the menu and choose Export and then Export contacts window will displays.
  8. Configure the Format. You will ask to select the format for the export. It depends on where you want to export the file. You need to review the format which is accepted.
  9. You need to press on the Export now button located at the top of the screen. The contact list will be transferred and downloaded using the format you’ve chosen.
    > Now you can use this file as a backup.

Yahoo! Mail Address Book

These mentioned steps will definitely help you to move your contacts from one place to other. It is very beneficial for users. They need not carry any hardcopy of the contacts which they want to contact. To know more, the user needs to make a connection with Yahoo Toll-Free Number available on the web.

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