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The most acute and actual events in the industry of computer and network security

RetinaX Studios: Assisting In Revealing The Truth

Retina-X Studios

Monitoring Software for Mobile Phones, Computers & Networks The age of information with its almost unlimited opportunities and myriads of sophisticated plagues is definitely a tough age to dwell in. Our brains process terabytes of information on a daily basis, and when its filters go out of order we are left to deal with a dilemma of whether to believe …

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Android Security: 5 Ways To Secure Your Android Phone

android security

5 Ways to Secure Your Android Phone The Android platform does not have to be inherently vulnerable to security issues, but it is a little more open than many others. For this reason, it’s very important that you take additional action to ensure that your phone is simplest secure. Without securing your phone, you may fall victim to the malware …

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Yet another wave of digital destruction is coming

information security

Malware fever keeps on raging, taking sophisticated forms to wreak havoc around the worldwide web. Even if your system is guarded thoroughly, you are still skating on thin ice, so you should better keep your eyes open and think twice before you make your mind to commit virtually any action. The events of this week show that extra awareness never …

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February Security Digest – What’s New In 2014

information security

The security field is booming – the year of 2014 maintains its reputation of drastic measures and huge announcements. We’ve gathered a good bunch of the latest facts and news under one roof: enjoy a large portion of info straight from the battlefield. A Zero-Day vulnerability discovered in Internet Explorer As reported by security experts from FireEye, a zero-day vulnerability …

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The New Trojan Puts Bitcoin Under Jeopardy

Eset antivirus company has recently discovered a new modification of Trojan Hesperbot, which has the potential for theft of Bitcoins. Attackers managed to infect users in Germany and Australia. Hesperbot – complex malware to steal information from your computer. Besides, Hesperbot can infect mobile devices running Android, Symbian and Blackberry. The features The armory of the brand-new Trojan contains a …

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Unauthorized Fictitious SSL-Certificates Discovered by Google

SSL certificates

Google has recently reported of a new fictitious SSL-certificates issued for a bunch of Google domains. These certificates were created using the fraudulent certifying center under the wing of the Network and Information Security Agency (ANSSI or Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information), responsible for the security of information systems. Investigating the case have been added to the …

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South Korean Intelligence Accused of political smear campaign on Twitter

Federal prosecutors in South Korea presented the evidence of the National Intelligence Service being involved in the publication of more than 1.2 million tweets in order to influence the outcome of the last year’s presidential elections. According to prosecutors, a spamming attack was performed by automated methods, some of these tweets praised candidate Park Keun Hye , which eventually became …

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A Surge Of Antivirus Phishing Unleashed


Kaspersky Lab has recently discovered a new threat in the form of phishing letters sent on behalf of the world’s leading antivirus companies. Such messages typically include attachments with malicious programs designed to steal user data (private and financial information data in particular). According to Kaspersky Lab, the phishing emails are designed using the same template, while the differences were …

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Only 1% Of Data Disclosed By Snowden Is Shared With The World

Edward Snowden

According to BBC, only 1% of the U.S. intelligence leaked data, disclosed by Edward Snowden, has been published in The Guardian. Alan Rusbridger, the editor for the Guardian newspaper, has unveiled the info at the meeting of the parliamentary committee. Rusbridger also informed the members of the Committee of Internal Affairs gathered in the British Parliament that his paper does …

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How To Keep Your Bitcoin Supplies Safe

Hack Attack

Many remember the day when bitcoin has beaten one of its first grand records and reached the index of $300 per 1BTC, the day when the world was rocked by another major cryptocurrency theft. Inputs.io, one of the most dynamically developing bitcoin banking services, reported of being paralyzed by a hack attack. The incident resulted in malefactors penetration in the …

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