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The most acute and actual events in the industry of computer and network security

AV-Test: The best antivirus for Android – September 2015

The Best Antivirus for Android - September 2015

17 mobile antivirus software for Android showed perfect results in tests What is known about Mobile Antivirus for Android? If you have a similar product on a smartphone, you usually forget about its existence. The German laboratory AV-Test evaluates a large number of mobile protection to determine their effectiveness. In September 2015, an independent laboratory AV-Test tested 25 mobile anti-virus …

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Weekly Security Digest: 15 most read stories of the last week (Sep 27 – Oct 03)

15 most read security news

15 most read security news and stories of the last week Mobile Advertising DDoS JavaScript Drip Serves Site with 4.5bn Hits. “Since an efficient distribution vector is crucial in issuing large floods, up until now I haven’t seen many sizable browser-based floods. CloudFlare copped 4.5 billion requests in a day of attacks against a customer domain, originating from around 650,000 unique …

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AV-Test: The best antivirus for Windows 7 – August 2015

The AV-Test laboratory

The best antivirus for Windows 7 Users The laboratory AV-Test has identified the best antivirus software for Windows Home User by testing 21 security decisions on the level of protection, performance and false positives with the default settings. Tests were conducted in July-August 2015 on Windows 7 (SP1, 32 bit). In July and August 2015 an independent laboratory AV-Test evaluated …

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[Patch Tuesday] Microsoft released 12 security bulletins

Microsoft Security Bulletin for September 2015

The company first released a critical patch for the new browser Edge. Tuesday, September 8, as part of a monthly “Patch Tuesday” Microsoft released 12 security bulletins which fixes vulnerabilities in the company’s products. Five of them are critical, and fixes gaps which allows remote code execution. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to take control of an …

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Bitdefender researchers reported finding a stored XSS vulnerability in PayPal

Malicious Stored XSS Vulnerability in PayPal

Malicious Stored XSS Vulnerability in PayPal, Find Bitdefender Researchers A stored XSS vulnerability in PayPal has been uncovered that leaves the e-payment service open for hackers to upload maliciously crafted files, capable of performing attacks on registered users of the service. Researchers from Bitdefender have found that the vulnerability can be used to deliver harmful files or content that enable …

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New Sophisticated Version of Carbanak Banking Malware Target Europe and USA

Carbanak Banking Malware

The Carbanak malware and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign, which facilitated the heist of $1 billion from banks around the world earlier this year, is back with its first new variant. Security researchers at Csis.dk managed to isolate a signed binary that later turned out to be a new sample of Carbanak, also known as Anunak. New variants of the …

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New Android Ransomware infects tens of thousands of devices

Android ransomware

New singular Android Ransomware disguised as a video player app uses a means of communication unseen in other similar malware. A new, improved variant of the Android Simplocker ransomware is lurking on third-party app stores and infects tens of thousands of devices. “We estimate that tens of thousands of devices have been infected. We have evidence that users have already …

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The number of variants of mobile malware has increased rapidly

Dendroid - Android hacked

The number of variants of mobile malicious programs has increased rapidly and today 99 out of 100 mobile malware are targeting mobile devices based on Android OS. The steady increase in the Android operating system’s market share could easily be one of the main reasons for the proliferation of threats. Infected devices could be remotely controlled by others and used …

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7 Possible Indicators of Compromised Data

Data Breach

How to recognize if your info has been compromised Given the staggering volume of personal information that is kept in digital storage, data-theft has become a very real danger for people in all walks of life. And while anyone with an internet connection may fall prey to cybercrime, it is of special concern for business owners, whose organizations are often …

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The Hacking Team Hacking: 7 New Articles of July 20, 2015

Hacking Team Hacked

Here’s the new What in the World about Hacking Team TAGS: Metasploit, Hacking Team vulnerability, Malware, security flaw, Wi-Fi networks, spying drone, Metasploit, security leak, Adobe Flash vulnerability, exploit, Hacking Team hacked 1. Windows gets an emergency security fix across most versions (Vulnerability in Microsoft Font Driver Could Allow Remote Code Execution) Microsoft tells us that this is indeed in …

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