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The most acute and actual events in the industry of computer and network security

Kaspersky Lab: Threat Predictions in 2018

Automotive. The growing risk of a vehicle’s systems being infiltrated or having its safety, privacy and financial elements violated, requires manufacturers to understand and apply IT security. Connected Health. Cyber-villains increasingly understand the value of health information, its ready availability, and the willingness of medical facilities to pay to get it back. Industrial Security. The most significant threat to industrial …

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Company Safeguards: 4 Major Aspects of Business Security

4 Major Aspects of Business Security

When your business is not secure, you put yourself, your customers and the integrity of your business at risk. You may have more than enough insurance, but consider the impact of time lost if your business operations are suspended due to a security breach that has caused human losses or loss of consumer confidence in your business. Here are the …

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Spy phone: What are the common user mistakes you need to avoid?

Phone spy apps

Spy phone apps are instrumental in getting the best results out of your monitoring mission. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid when using them.   Mistakes to Avoid when Using Your Phone-Spying App Mobile phones have taken the center stage in every sector of a 21st-century human being. One of the areas that the mobile revolution has taken …

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Cellphone Safety: 5 Essential Tips for Mobile Device Security

5 Essential Tips for Mobile Device Securit

Business owners are forever looking for ways to make their offices more productive. Hiring a larger workforce could be the solution when everyone wears too many hats, but sometimes the solution doesn’t involve raising recruiting budgets. The answer could be as simple as investing in mobile phones for each of your employees. If you make a mobile phone an employee …

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How mobile monitoring keep Unwanted People from Interfering Child’s Life

Spy apps protect child

Children indeed are the future of our nation. Grooming them into the best adults and giving them everything they’d need to becoming the best version of themselves and to have all that they need in life is a big responsibility that falls onto the shoulders of every parent out there. Such a humongous responsibility makes the work of Atlas carrying …

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Kaspersky Lab warns – financial phishing attacks to rise again during the Holiday Season

Black Friday Threat Overview 2016

A peak season for sales is obviously also a peak hunting season for criminals. Holidays also influence the type of financial targets that criminals are after. And as retailers prepare their stores, websites, and apps for the massive rise in the number of visitors that will be ushered in by the holiday season, cyber criminals, are preparing, too. The number …

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The era of inexpensive industrial-grade data erasure has finally come

Killdisk Industrial Software

When the scope of data erasure demands grows exponentially, and when speed and quality become absolutely essential, considering the ‘hardware’ path to cope with it just cannot be wrong. With years hardware erasure is becoming more and more accessible, meaning that you don’t have to prepare for the worst, gigantic expenses – the price for such equipment is going through …

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5 Bad Habits That Could Endanger Your Internet Security

Endanger Your Internet Security

Internet users often fail to recognize their bad habits or the negative impact that those habits have on their lives in regards to time, money, relationships, health and safety. It can be easy to assume that bad things won’t happen to you, but having your personal data hijacked or losing your information is possible for anyone who doesn’t take internet …

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Kaspersky Lab’s Intelligence Report: Threats directed at telecoms companies

Threats directed at telecoms companies

Threats directed at telecoms companies Threats targeting telecommunication companies directly. These include DDoS attacks, targeted attacks (APT campaigns), network device vulnerabilities and human-related threats like insider access, social engineering and the risk of allowing third parties to access information. 1. DDoS DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks remain a serious threat to telecoms providers around the world as attackers discover …

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Six Simple Ways to Improve Security Awareness at Your Business

Ways to Improve Security Awareness at Your Business

Security is an increasingly important part of managing corporate computer systems. As companies grow, their dependency on centralized servers for inventory tracking, financial records, and efficient communications increases. Unfortunately, not every employee is a security expert, and the best laid plans of a company’s security team can be undermined by inattention to or ignorance of security threats. Here are six …

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