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The First Manufacturers Of Smartphones Based On Ubuntu Revealed

Ubuntu Touch

Canonical has officially unveiled the names of the first manufacturers of smartphones in the mobile platform Ubuntu Touch. The first models are going to be released by Spanish BQ Mobile and Chinese Meizu. At the same time, both companies will sell the device around the world through online shops, plus the devices will be available at Ubuntu.com. In addition, the …

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FreeBSD Refused Abandons Cooperation With Intel and VIA


FreeBSD operating system developers have recently reported that they will never encourage their users to utilize Intel and VIA solutions because of the recently discovered suspicious weak points in the implementation of the algorithm for generating random numbers in these chips, which led to the gateway for breaking cryptographic algorithms by government security agencies and other 3rd party establishments. The …

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Valve Connects With Linux Foundation

Valve Linux

Valve Company, a far-famed developer and PC games distributor, joined the nonprofit Linux Foundation that oversees a wide range of activities associated with the development of Linux. The fact should be underlined that Valve is actively promoting Linux as a first-class gaming platform to compete with game consoles and platform PC. The growth of interest in Linux At the first …

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