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FBI Planning Data Center Build In Idaho; 300 New Jobs

Data Center building

The FBI has announced plans to build a data center in Pocatello, Idaho that will be part of their on-going data center consolidation project. “It’s going to be an expansion of the existing facility. They’ve been working back and forth on this for the past oh, four to five years,” said Pocatello Councilman Steve Brown. He estimates that the jobs …

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Bitcoin’s Creator

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The creators of Bitcoin might’ve finally been discovered One of the biggest mysteries in the technology world is who invented Bitcoin. Journalists and Bitcoin enthusiasts have long (since 2009) tried to find out who created Bitcoin. Craig Steven Wright is an Australian computer scientist and businessman. He has been reported to be the real person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, …

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Bitdefender researchers reported finding a stored XSS vulnerability in PayPal

Malicious Stored XSS Vulnerability in PayPal

Malicious Stored XSS Vulnerability in PayPal, Find Bitdefender Researchers A stored XSS vulnerability in PayPal has been uncovered that leaves the e-payment service open for hackers to upload maliciously crafted files, capable of performing attacks on registered users of the service. Researchers from Bitdefender have found that the vulnerability can be used to deliver harmful files or content that enable …

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New Sophisticated Version of Carbanak Banking Malware Target Europe and USA

Carbanak Banking Malware

The Carbanak malware and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) campaign, which facilitated the heist of $1 billion from banks around the world earlier this year, is back with its first new variant. Security researchers at Csis.dk managed to isolate a signed binary that later turned out to be a new sample of Carbanak, also known as Anunak. New variants of the …

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New Android Ransomware infects tens of thousands of devices

Android ransomware

New singular Android Ransomware disguised as a video player app uses a means of communication unseen in other similar malware. A new, improved variant of the Android Simplocker ransomware is lurking on third-party app stores and infects tens of thousands of devices. “We estimate that tens of thousands of devices have been infected. We have evidence that users have already …

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