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The interesting new smartphones, appeared in 2013

The Interesting New Smartphones of 2013

The year 2013 has brought several new smartphone models to the market, and our number one aim is to introduce the most worthy smartphones to you. We won’t be choosing the very best smartphone 2013 or ranking them. It’s an article that describes the interesting new phones, appeared in 2013 and highlights their advantages and weaknesses in common. We’ll discuss …

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Samsung Galaxy S3 – impressive performance results

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung has evolved from a small rice business in the largest Asian technological giant within just 50 years. It took the company another 10 to become the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer, overtaking its tough competition in the face of Nokia and Apple. Indubitably, Galaxy S series has made a huge contribution in company’s success, and today we are going to …

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Motorola RAZR Droid HD – Phoenix reborn from ashes

Motorola RAZR Droid HD

A couple of years ago, Motorola has partially scaled back its activities, having decided to focus primarily on the US and European smartphone market. In the end, the corporation surrendered to the mercy of Google, but still continues to produce smart gadgetry under its own brand. Phoenix reborn from ashes A series of smart phones RAZR released by Motorola is …

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Apple iPhone 5s – Apple’s flagship smartphone

Apple iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s – best smartphone 2014 Apple’s flagship smartphone has recently been updated in accordance with a proven business scheme. Take the old model, make it twice as fast, improve the camera, add some bells and whistles to create the effect of novelty and… enjoy imposing profits. Structurally, the device is very similar to its iPhone 5 predecessor; however, there …

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