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QA tester games is not omnipotent

QA tester

As has been repeatedly pointed out, game testing is one of the key stages of game development that requires urgent attention, while the work of QA tester games influences the amount of bugs directly. But why PC games are oftentimes oozing with errors and glitches? Why the practice of implementing numerous patches to the already released games became so common …

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Game Dev Process Studied Under The Microscope

Video game development

Creating a game is a long and laborious process, consisting of a multitude of stages and requiring both technical and creative efforts: even a so-so project by today’s standards demands colossal energies. So before you start picking holes in another ‘second-rate’ FPS or RPG, let’s embark on an exciting journey into the game dev realm and study video game development …

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Dreams Are Changing: I Want To Become A Video Game Tester

To Become A Video Game Tester

Dreams Are Changing: I Want To Become A Video Game Tester As gaming madness is booming, outperforming even film industry as for annual turnover in some regions of the world (e.g. Eastern Europe and Russia), the demand in the professions of new format experiences an exponential growth. In aspiration to enjoy pure gaming experience and get paid for it, an …

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The Best Open Source Game Engine: In Search Of Perfection

Video Game Engines

The game engine is a core software component of computer and video games and other interactive graphics applications processed in real time. It provides the basic set of demanded technologies, simplifies development, and often gives the desired opportunity to run the game on multiple platforms, e.g. game consoles and desktop operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft …

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An Oldschool Thief Doomed To Failure?


The renewed Thief, a rep of one of the most solid stealth action brands in the world, has finally seen the light of the day. However, instead of hoorahs and salutations Eidos is heavily criticized by the most devoted group of fans – the oldschool legion. The creators of the brand-new sequel promised to offer addictive gameplay based on familiar …

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Master Thief Is Back: Garrett Makes Its Way Through The Thorns

Thief 4 logo

35VR6XXAZABZ Another Master Thief story is on its way to the shelves – a highly anticipated Eidos brainchild is scheduled for a release on February, 25 in the United States and February, 28 in Europe. Actually, the future of the series has been trembling in the balance, especially when Warren Spector left Ion Storm Studio in 2004 (the company that …

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Four Mobile Games That Are Redefining Mobile Gaming

Just a few short years ago, the idea of gaming on a mobile phone was limited to playing Snake 2 on your Nokia 3310. Fortunately, technology has advanced dramatically over the past few years, and the smartphone revolution kicked off by Apple in 2007 has led to dramatically more powerful processors and graphics in a short time. These technological developments …

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Epic Console Battle Of History: PS4 vs. Xbox One

Xbox One vs PS4

Almost 3 months have passed since the huge synchronous next-gen consoles release and the amount of devices sold is reaching a 10 ml. mark. Even though it is still a drop in the ocean, perhaps, the main challenge the customers face is nothing but the difficulty of choice. In aspiration to overcome the issue, we’ve prepared heaps of facts and …

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Video Game ‘Papers, Please’ to Offer Something for Everyone

Papers Please

Obsessed by the passion to indie reality, Lucas Pope has managed to demonstrate how a one-man project lacking significant funding and neoteric technologies can make a bit of a noise in a latter day gaming industry. ‘Papers, Please’ has been warmly welcomed not only by a vast legion of indie lovers and old school nostalgists, but also by crowds of …

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Review of The Best Video Game Consoles 2013

Best Video Game Consoles 2013

It’s difficult to compare video game consoles because each of these has its own pros and cons. Personal preferences also play a major role when it comes to choosing the most favorite video game console. But what we can guarantee is that you wouldn’t ever regret the decision of choosing one of these game consoles because there are a lot …

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