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Killdisk Desktop hardware solution – an easy way out to delete your files

Killdisk Desktop 5 disc slots

Data Security Product from LSoft Technologies Inc. If you were looking for an easy way out to delete your files, without having to bother about anybody accessing them later on, KillDisk Desktop is the way to go. It’s perfect for organizations who are worried about keeping their data safe, and works in a simple but practical way. Killdisk Desktop is …

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Innovative Hardware Technologies Make a Difference to Businesses Across the Globe

Innovative Hardware Technologies

There’s no other way to slice it. No matter which industry you work in, your company will require some form of technology to function. From hardware such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to software like cloud-based and mobile applications, companies from all fields are investing more of their funds into technologies that can help them surge forward. These advancements ultimately …

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New Model Raspberry Pi will come with quad-core CPU Cortex A7

Raspberry Pi 2

There is evidence of the imminent release of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, which is equipped with SoC Broadcom BCM2836 with quad-core CPU Cortex A7 (ARMv7, 900MHz) and 1 GB of RAM, while the previous model B+ supplied with a single-core Broadcom BCM2835 (ARM11, 700 MHz) and 512MB of RAM. The Pi 2 will sell at the same price …

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A superfast distributed storage system released

quantum black holes

Distributed file systems can be relatively cheap for end users; however, their performance can reach critical levels when corporate load overcomes a certain degree. That is why now many engineering geeks all over the world are grinding away to discover the ways to adjust the distributed file systems work. Thus, experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have tried …

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Top 5 Best Hybrid Laptops in 2014

Best Hybrid Laptops 2014

The speed at which technology is advancing is pretty amazing. When it comes to computers, things have pretty much revolutionized off late. We started off with computers, then came laptops and now tablets. It seems that people these days are more inclined to a combination of tablet and laptop – known as hybrid laptops. These generally contain a removable screen …

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Review of The Best Tablet PC 2013

Best Tablet PC 2013

The Best Tablet PC of 2013 The year of 2013 pleased a massive legion of gadgetry geeks with a bunch of smart novelties; large business sharks work a sweat to satisfy the most sophisticated customers’ needs, releasing truly innovative and clever devices with enviable frequency. We believe that it’s a good time to strike a balance and figure out a …

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Asus Eee Slate EP121 provides amazing computing performance

Asus Eee Slate EP121

ASUS is definitely a big name when it comes to the technology manufacturers. The company has several modern tablet PCs under its credit and these are designed for both the mainstream consumers and corporate professionals. When it comes to the ASUS Eee Slate EP121, it has some awesome features that are sure to blow away any technology freak’s mind. Usage …

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Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet – It Really Works

Lenovo Thinkpad x230 header

If you are looking for a versatile tablet PC which is durable and fast, your search probably ends at Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Convertible Tablet. It strikes a perfect balance between Windows based laptop and a business laptop. User Interface Probably the highlight of this tablet PC – this is so user friendly mainly because of the proprietary UI program of …

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HP EliteBook 2760p – Gold award Winner 2013

HP EliteBook 2760p

It has often been felt that convertible tablets that are Window based have been rather poor. However, the HP EliteBook 2760p seems to not be like this. The tablet PC is easy to use and very powerful as well. The convertible laptop can function both as a notebook and a tablet. It is very portable, has great ergonomics and performs …

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