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Windows XP To Burn Holes In The Pockets Of Its Users

Microsoft ceased supporting Windows XP

The article focuses on the financial aspects of using Windows XP in modern information infrastructures. The author provides estimations from an independent research on the financial costs of using Windows XP and touches the aspects of information security. Introduction April 8, 2014, Microsoft ceases the period of extended support for Windows XP and a famous Office 2003 package. This means …

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Web Conferencing Explained in 500 words

Web Conferencing

A conference, as we all know, is a kind of interaction that takes place for the exchange of information, planning and making quick, informed decisions. Any conference has a motive: held for a specific purpose and being a brand-new globalization trend, the members may get in touch with each other from different continents. As the demand for interaction in any …

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3 Successful Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing

Have you included Twitter as part of your marketing strategy but you’re just not getting the results you hoped for? It’s not uncommon for new businesses to struggle a little at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s a great way to promote your business. After your account is set up and ready to …

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Do’s and Don’t for the Printing Business

The printing business can be highly rewarding. Not only do you provide an excellent, much-needed service to local businesses, but as a printer you get to offer many diverse services from printing to wire binding to laminating to even more exotic forms. Digital printing technology makes it possible to learn very quickly and produce prints with minimal set-up cost. However, …

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Cyber Monday 2013 Cracks Another Record

Cyber Moday 2013

ComScore and IBM companies have simultaneously but independently of each other published statistical results on Cyber ​​Monday sales in the US segment of the Internet. In accordance with the reports this year event has beaten a previous year sales record. ComScore Company admits a 20% growth in sales and a total turnover of $2bn. The other US giant states that …

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency To Find Itself On A Wave Of Success

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin rates crack one record after another, while the cost per 1 BTC has already exceeded the mark of $978. Moreover, the cruptocurrency has even managed to reach the bar of $1,100 just a couple of days ago, though it is currently experiencing fluctuations in the exchange rate, balancing between $950 and $1,000 indexes. Actually, the fact should be underlined …

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: A Look From Within

Black Friday Shopping

Online shopping has swiftly and firmly settled in our lives and now we get lost in conjectures of how did we manage to go without ecommerce conveniences. The culture of online shopping has been cultivated in the United States, the country that calls the tune in marketing, so today millions of ordinary customers wait for massive sales to save on …

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Small Businesses Tend to Outsource More Activities


One of the most crucial advantages of small businesses is a decent flexibility as for approaches to problems resolution in comparison with large companies, including staff hiring. To date, the entrepreneur, who can afford moving away from the traditional patterns of attracting staff due to his or her business specificity, is free to take advantage of a wide range of …

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency finds itself on the crest of a wave

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that finds itself on the crest of a wave, marches around the world confidently, gaining momentum at lightning speed. Established in the year of 2008 by Satoshi Nakamota, a mysterious internet persona or perhaps a group of eager beavers, the cryptocurrency is represented by a decentralized system, programmed to release a certain amount of bitcoinsper particular period …

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AT&T is one of the largest ones of internet providers

AT&T Inc.

AT&T Inc. is an American Telecommunications Company They have millions of customers and they obviously are so popular for a reason. AT&T actually owns miles and miles of phone lines catering to the customers who are in need of dial up services and DSL. Apart from that, AT&T has a unique product named U-verse as well. Through the same, AT&T …

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