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Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins to Optimize your Store

Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins

Ecommerce has a major impact on people’s lifestyle. Now a day, you can easily start your eCommerce site. For this, you just need a WooCommerce plugin for the website. In this post, we are going to explore Top 10 WooCommerce Plugins to optimize your Store. 1. Beeketing for WooCommerce: Have that enthusiasm to do business, but no knowledge in marketing …

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Ahead of the Curve: 5 Business Updates to Make Sooner Rather than Later

Every business owner knows that competitors can be challenging. Staying on top of your game helps ensure that you continue success. The following are five business updates that you should make as soon as you can to stay relevant. 1. Social Presence One of the most important updates a business can make to stay relevant is to get on social …

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Technological Tweaks: 5 Updates Your Business Needs

5 Updates Your Business Needs

Failing to invest in tech-related updates could leave you with an inefficient business. The last that you want to do is cut corners when it comes to investing in your business or your productivity and eventually your growth will come to a halt. Successful businesses find ways to incorporate technology into daily operations so that they can reduce operational costs …

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The Impact of AI on Modern Accounting

AI on Modern Accounting

Artificial intelligence has become the most widely researched topic amongst computer scientists. But businesses are still considering whether or not adopting new technology trends will be good for them, and there is still the problem of hiring experts in this field. We are here to tell you that there is no need to fear this change since computers and AI …

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Whether Uber’s Rival Grab is planning to invest more funds in Indonesia?

Uber’s Rival Grab

Grab (formerly known as GrabTaxi) is a Smartphone-based taxi booking app which was started in the year 2012. Its main challenge was how to get taxi drivers to come on board its platform. The traditional taxi drivers were rather conflicting about the new technology, unlike the office-goers who seemed generally enthusiastic. This taxi service extended its operations like Singapore, Indonesia, …

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Secret Ways: a Business Expands Utilizing a Colocation Data Centre

Colocation Data Centre

In typical B2B tech market, there’re talks about possible decline of physical data centres and their replacement with more radical cloud in a probable future. This is because data centres are considered “stuck” in the past and suitable only for multi-tier and large corporations that can spare a fortune. You might be tempted to argue over data centres being imperfect …

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Golden Rules in Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Golden Rules in Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns are one of the most popular models of Internet marketing. The basic premise behind them is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This advertising mode became popular since the fee you pay to search engines for publishing your ad is usually much smaller than what you can earn. However, if …

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Online Marketing for Small Businesses Using Website Builders

Online Marketing Using Website Builders

Everyone uses the internet, and therefore having a website has become a very important tool for online marketing. This holds true not only for big businesses, but even for the small ones. In fact, a website is one of the few things that a small business should have in order to ensure that they will be able to reach their …

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How To Build Your Reputation Online

Your Reputation Online

When people want to find out more about a business nowadays they often perform a simple Google search to get the information they need. That is why it is important for you to establish a good reputation online – because your ability to reel in potential customers will be contingent on it. Ways To Establish A Good Online Reputation: Start …

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4 Ways You Can Increase Productivity in Your Warehouse Using Technology


Every industry has found a way to implement technology. From the fully automated car industry to smartphone apps for delivery services, all these things have made our private and work lives so much easier. Same goes for warehousing. Even though at the first glance you might think that there is no modern technology application for warehouses, this is not the …

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