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Best Android Apps of 2015: 13 apps you must try

Best Android Apps of 2015

13 Best Android Apps of 2015

As app development takes on the challenge to evolve even further in the radically changing tech-market, Android apps have paved the way to success in the year that just ended. Users have rated various new apps on the play store in 2015. Amongst these rated apps, few are those that made their way all the way to the top on the ratings list. Let’s take a look at a few top rated android mobile apps in 2015:

1. Hulu


Transforming your mobile device or any other device into a television screen has never been easier. Hulu is the free service that allows you to browse as well as stream any of your favorite television series at any time.

2. Pocket


Ever came across a really interesting blog, page, video that you did not have the time to look at in the moment and wished you could watch it later without going through the hassle of looking for it through a million web pages? Well, pocket is the app for you. It allows you to save a page or video of your choice and you can come back and look at it whenever you want on your pocket page.

3. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3

Want to simply customize the way your android looks and feels when powered on? Well then action launcher 3 is the app for you because it allows you to completely customize the look of your Android by modifying icons, app drawer and the overall home screen layout of your phone. The app has paved its way into interesting interface improvements that will completely pimp the way your android feels.

4. 7 minute workout

7 minute workout

When it comes down to fitness apps, 7 minute workout is the most highly recommended app of the year! Whether you want to lose a few pounds or just refresh your energy, the app is a great way to get used to short, easy routine building activities that will help maintain your fitness levels. It offers such exercises that have been scientifically proven to make the cardiovascular function better.

5. Avast mobile security and antivirus

Avast mobile security and antivirus

Android security is the most highly debated subject since the system is greatly threatened to everyday risks and theft of data. The most secure app for you is Avast mobile security and antivirus. It prevents fraudulent access and theft of sensitive data as well as protects your phone from malicious software. This mobile app will scan your microSD card, browser history and all other existing apps to prevent any unwanted software to gain access to your phone.

6. Chrome Beta

Google Chrome Beta

Chrome has always been the best browser app for android phones. It is always pre-installed in android systems since everyone is very familiar with it. Chrome Beta is another browser app that is a better version of the already familiar Chrome browser. The best feature about this app is that it offers all the bug fixes, improvements and latest changes offered by android much earlier than they will have been applied to Chrome browser itself.

7. Cortana


One of the top rated digital personal assistants is Cortana. The app will give you all your alerts and reminders as and when required by you. Not only this but, the app can be used for a variety of other purposes. Install it to find out.

8. Google Inbox

Google Inbox

In order to get rid of gmail’s cluttered interface and features, google inbox offers robust organization features through which you will not even require to open the full message to read the email.

9. Pintasking


Using multiple apps simultaneously has never gotten easier! Pintasking is the app for you if you want a feature such as alt+tab on your mobile device. It allows you to pin apps to the screen and easily switch amongst those apps as you continue to use them as per your will.

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

This app includes Color CC, Photoshop mix, shape CC and Brush CC which, needless to say, put altogether offer you the best designing and photo editing features. Adobe Creative app allows you to use your bright and unique creative ideas and convert them into great work simply by using your mobile device.

11. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Who doesn’t know of this all-time famous app? Microsoft Office is one of those apps that has become more of a necessity as its popularity expanded. Whether its wanting to read documents, editing excel files or prepping up for a presentation, the app will make your life easier as and when you are on the go.

12. Pennyowl


Want to become financially savvy? Using this mobile app will aid in your learning about the fundamentals of saving as well as spending. You can even use this app to teach your kids a thing or two about how to handle financial matters.

13. Ampme


If you’re a party animal and you want to turn your mobile phone into a loud multi-speaker system then download this mobile app. Ampme allows you to create a party show on the rooftop, in your room, out on the beach wherever you want to pump up the environment.

If you have an android phone (which many of us do have these days) then make sure your mobile has all of these or at least most of these apps downloaded and installed to get the full fledge Android system feel! These were some of the most top rated apps of the past year. Let’s wait and see what 2016 has in store for the Android market.

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