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Trend Alert: Standout WordPress Themes & Plugins

Cryptocurrency Widgets Plugin

The Top Trends in WordPress New & Trending WordPress Themes and plugins. Rivista – Lifestyle Magazine Theme   Rivetting Design Reigns Supreme Thoughtful design is no longer an option in the WordPress world, as the number of theme designs approaches 11,000 on ThemeForest alone, and responsiveness/customization have become mere standards. Rivista and creator, Elated-themes have proved their strength with very …

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6 Innovative Tech Gadgets Essential For Your Business

Innovative Tech Gadgets Essential For Your Business

Most of us use some sort of tech accessory in our daily lives whether it’s a Fitbit you are using or just a simple pair of headphones to listen to your favorite music. Technological advancements have not only made our lives easier but they are also taking over our workspace to simplify our work. Below is a list of 6 …

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Envato Market Webdesign: Your Spooky Special for Friday the 13th

Gaming and eSports

Eldritch – Epic Theme for Gaming   Welcome the Ghosts & Ghouls with a Game Theme The spooky season is upon us and with its dark and bone-chillingly brilliant design, Eldritch epic theme for eSports and Gaming will help you rise to the top of your web game in no time. Create a website that’s truly out of this world …

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Webdesign: Some Things to Make You Smile

Aasana Health & Yoga WP Theme

Aasana Health & Yoga WP Theme Get into Your Groove with Some Moves In honor of the upcoming World Smile Day (October 6), we’re hoping to inspire some smiles with the following selected items. And, it’s hard to contain a smile when you’re on the dance floor or finishing up a cleansing yoga class. Whatever your preferred move or groove, …

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5 Ways to Protect Your Phone from Common Issues

5 Ways to Protect Your Phone

Mobile phone use is becoming popular by the day in the modern world, and there are a lot of security threats and issues that affect them. Phones are prone to damages, attacks from viruses and malwares, which can send you into panic if you do not understand how to deal with them appropriately. Well, you should not worry as there …

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Company Safeguards: 4 Major Aspects of Business Security

4 Major Aspects of Business Security

When your business is not secure, you put yourself, your customers and the integrity of your business at risk. You may have more than enough insurance, but consider the impact of time lost if your business operations are suspended due to a security breach that has caused human losses or loss of consumer confidence in your business. Here are the …

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The Friendly-Mobile Edition: It’s All About Mobile

Utouch – Start-up HTML Template

Top Mobile Templates for Your New iPhone Needs & Beyond. Utouch – Start-up HTML Template     Ship Your Startup Site With the recent release of the new iPhone(s) and iOS 11, we felt the time was ripe to highlight some of our favorite new mobile-related templates on Market, especially if you plan to launch an app, review video or …

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Web Design and Marketing: Your Mindful Edition of Market Mail is Here

Did you know meditating for 10-20 minutes a day can help you avoid the 3:30pm decline in productivity? Used in various areas of design, artists use algorithms & equations to create artwork that’s unique and slightly psychedelic in style. Anahata – Yoga, Fitness Theme   Setup the Studio of Your Dreams The mindful movement is upon us, as many take …

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Ahead of the Curve: 5 Business Updates to Make Sooner Rather than Later

Every business owner knows that competitors can be challenging. Staying on top of your game helps ensure that you continue success. The following are five business updates that you should make as soon as you can to stay relevant. 1. Social Presence One of the most important updates a business can make to stay relevant is to get on social …

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Games to Anticipate for the Remainder of 2017

Video Games 2017

With the PS4 and Xbox One X stealing all the headlines (and quite a number of platform-exclusive games), it is time to focus on PC gaming. With supreme graphical performance at its side, the PC race offers the most gorgeous visuals ever witnessed in the world of gaming. The year 2017 has a bunch of cool titles that are yet …

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