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AnyFlip PDF Flipbook Maker Review and Giveaway

AnyFlip 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway

AnyFlip PDF Flipbook Maker Review and 3 Months Platinum Plan Giveaway


For the online marketing, the 2016 year will be a changeable year. It is full of challenge. No matter what the future is, everyone makes a great effort to win the loyal customers. Recently, the PDF flipbook maker AnyFlip caught the attention of publishers, photographers and marketers. AnyFlip is a PDF flipbook maker that can help to create, design, upload and share your interactive, realistic Flash & HTML5 flipbook.

AnyFlip PDF Flipbook Maker

The platinum plan of AnyFlip is with rich features for users to create attractive catalogs, brochures and magazines. Here are the outstanding features listed below to help you boost sales in the challengeable year.

1. AnyFlip deserves to try for free

AnyFlip is the free PDF to flipbook software for everyone. It has the Windows & Mac versions. Or you can directly finish the conversion online without downloading the software. All created flipbooks are accessible with mobile devices.

2. Manage and share the book online

AnyFlip cloud platform provide the realistic bookcase for users to display the publications neatly organized. Besides, it is easy to share interactive publications with friends or customers. There is another way to optimize the website activity. You can embed the digital brochures on website to vividly display and sell your products.

3. Design interactive and engaging content

With AnyFlip platinum plan, you are able to add links, movies, YouTube, Vimeo, audio, image, slider, text flash, hotspots, buttons, shapes and shopping cart. As a matter of fact, you are able to import a blank PDF, and use this editor to create the rich content flipbook.

Design interactive and engaging content

4. Too easy to use

It is without codes. All you just to do is prepare the PDF materials and use AnyFlip to convert flipbook with several design settings. AnyFlip provides tons of templates, themes and backgrounds for the users to modify the flipbook.

5. Perfect for online marketing

AnyFlip helps you to save time and money in online marketing. Once it is published, you can share it online, or embed on your website & blog. And on the cloud platform, it is possible for you to know readers statistics.

AnyFlip PDF Flipbook Maker Giveaway


How to join the three months platinum plan giveaway:

Click here: http://anyflip.com/special-offer/3-months-platinum-plan-giveaway.php with the CD key: 5Syu2-whKg3-3Pd2N-M9Wn2 to get the three months platinum plan gift card code. And then activate your code with the steps: http://anyflip.com/activate-gift-card.php . This giveaway will be valid until March 3rd. Grab it as soon as possible.

How to join the three months platinum plan giveaway

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