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Active@ UNDELETE – the best software to save you from trouble

Nothing can be more devastating than accidentally deleting a file or folder that you shouldn’t have. Fortunately, despite the fact that you cannot avoid this, you can still recover the deleted folders, files, partitions, and the like. Active UNDELETE is the best software to help you recover deleted files in Windows and allow us to discuss more about this.

Active@ UNDELETE Key Features


What Is Active@ UNDELETE

Active@ UNDELETE is a full-service disk recovery software specializing in HDD data recovery issues. Additionally, it also supports Advanced Format HDDs and could be used for hard drives over 2TB.

Since it’s a file recovery software, it could recover files that have been accidentally deleted. Moreover, it also comes with search options that allow you to look for the results from corrupted drives such as HDD and internal SSD, as well as lost partitions. As for the external devices, you’ll be able to recover data from SD cards, external hard drives, and USB flash drives. Although you can also resolve and retrieve RAIDs, unbootable hard drives with a boot disk, and network support tools, you’ll have to upgrade to the ultimate version of this software.

Types of Files It Can Recover

With Active@ UNDELETE you can recover a wide range of file types such as Outlook files, and MS office. Furthermore, it’s also capable of recovering damaged files, though it can’t work miracles when it comes to hard drives that already are physically damaged.

How Fast Can It Scan a Computer?

On a Windows 7 computer, this software provides a full-system scan in just a matter of minutes with good results. It also has an interface that provides everything necessary in an understandable manner. Those who have tried this software only complain that it can get pretty bothersome at times because the entire interface doesn’t fit in one screen. You still have to scroll down in order to access other features.

What You Can Enjoy

With this program, you can take advantage of the following features:

– Restore deleted partitions
– Recover deleted files
– Create a disk image for safe data restoration
– Restore data even from damaged RAID arrays
– Edit disk content
– Check the file before fully restoring it
– Organize the files after restoration

Customer Support

In case you’re having a hard time maneuvering the recovery software, you just have to contact LSoft Technologies Inc. either via email or phone and you’ll get the help you need. Additionally, the good thing about the company behind this program is that they also post useful FAQs and even a user guide on their website.

By using the software walk through and user guide, those who have tried it didn’t face any major problems at all. In fact, they were able to figure out how to use the application with ease.

Installation and Usage

There’s no denying that this is really a powerful data recovery software that’s very easy to navigate. Likewise, it’s also available in three versions, namely: Home, Pro, and Ultimate. Then, for those who want to try the program first before fully committing, there’s a demo version that will give you the idea of what to expect. The installers are downloaded from their website online and the program is available to use in minutes.

Final Words

Accidental deletions don’t happen every day, but when they do, it’s better to be prepared. Active@ UNDELETE is excellent software that could save you from trouble as you’ll be able to recover lost files with ease.


Active@ UNDELETE Recovery Explorer ViewActive@ UNDELETE Screenshot - Disk Scan

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