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4 Ways You Can Increase Productivity in Your Warehouse Using Technology


Every industry has found a way to implement technology. From the fully automated car industry to smartphone apps for delivery services, all these things have made our private and work lives so much easier. Same goes for warehousing.

Even though at the first glance you might think that there is no modern technology application for warehouses, this is not the case.

Warehouse industry has seen a huge jump in technology use that helps workers run more productive and efficient warehouses.

With this in mind, here are four ways you can use technology to boost general productiveness in your warehouse without making your workers break their backs.

1. Intelligent lighting

Every warehouse should be appropriately lit. With poorly lit warehouse you risk making a mistake while reading through numbers, documents and everything else in the inventory process. Also, you are endangering your workers because they don’t have enough light to maneuver forklifts properly. This could lead to injuries and damaged goods.

The best solution is to install an intelligent lighting system. It comes with motion sensors that will turn on different lights depending on which area of the warehouse you are working in. This system will not only properly light up your whole warehouse, but it will also save you a lot of money because of its energy efficient motion track system.

intelligent lighting system

2. Dock scheduling software

This is the most common problem in every warehouse. A lot of trucks spend more time waiting for their turn on the docking door than on the unloading process itself. This is usually due to poor docking schedule. If you have more than one dock door the problem of assigning the trucks becomes even bigger. Luckily, there is a simple solution for all this and that is a dock door scheduling software.

With this software, you will be able to streamline the inbound and outbound processes so your dock door is never crowded. Every truck will have precise information on when should it be at the dock door and when it will be unloaded. This will greatly increase efficiency in your warehouse and reduce the costs of moving goods. To get a dock scheduling software just contact any software vendor and check if they offer this option with their warehouse management systems.

3. Smart inventory layout

Organizing your warehouse is crucial. There are ways to come up with an inventory layout that will increase efficiency and productivity of your warehouse. This isn’t anything new. Smart people have always tried to organize their workplaces in a way that helps them carry out their work more efficiently. This includes analyzing what goods often go together so you can put them next to each other, as this will greatly reduce the loading times. Also, if you are using pallets than stack them in a way your workers can easily pick up and load them into the trucks.

You can achieve all this with a little bit of research and analysis of your shipping patterns. Additionally, implement this smart inventory layout system on all your storage units regardless of their size and even on mobile storage. This way your workers will have no trouble maneuvering through any of them.

4. Barcodes and scanning devices

The last thing is the implementation of barcodes and scanning devices. This is not a particularly new technology and many warehouses use them already, but they are still worth mentioning because they do so much good when it comes to inventory handling in warehouses.

Barcodes and scanning devices

With barcodes and scanners, you will have no trouble keeping track of all of your inventory. Not only this, but you will know exactly how much stock of one product you currently have without having to check on ten different computers and applications. Every change will be immediately recorded so there will be no need for workers to write them down themselves.

And that is all from this article. As you can see technology can really make a difference when it comes to warehouse productivity and efficiency. We hope that you learned something new and that some of our suggestions will help you make your warehouse more productive in the future.

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